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Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Improved circulation

Targeted massage therapy of the muscles throughout your body, improves your overall blood circulation. This is important for a few reasons. First, improved circulation can help with joint and muscle mobility. This is especially helpful for anyone suffering from a chronic joint disorder, such as arthritis. When you have arthritis, you can experience pain throughout your body, such as in your hands, feet, toes, knees, and spine.

Your feet deserve a break

Why do backs get all the attention when we talk about massage? Feet are the real powerhouse of our bodies. A massage chair that includes a foot massager, like Zarifa’s 3D massage chair, gives your feet the break they need. Rollers gently glide in and out of your feet to soothe aches and pains and reduce tension. This is important for anyone who has joint disabilities or who spends a lot of time on their feet.

Curb Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful disorder that can be debilitating when treated incorrectly. A full body massage chair will target the nerves in your arms, wrists, and hands to ease your tense muscles and improve your mobility. You’ll find that you have better grip strength and less pain after using massage to treat carpal tunnel.

Relieve Neck And Shoulder Pain

Massage chairs are designed in a unique way to effectively cater to occasional neck and shoulder discomfort. Thanks to the advancement in technology, modern chair models now have specialized pressure application techniques that are quite helpful in relieving the tensed muscle fibres.

Getting a regular massage can cure your stiff neck and decrease the headaches that come with such physical discomfort. Massage chairs save you the trouble of going out and setting an appointment with a masseuse. They give you the opportunity to get your body massaged at home.

If you are on a budget or just want to test something first before actually buying a massage chair, you can try a massage gun. It can help you apply an appropriate amount of pressure and massage specific areas of your body to induce a soothing effect. Besides, it also increases the pain threshold and allows the hurting area to recover quickly.

Help Manage The Symptoms Of Sciatica

Massage chair models are built after a thorough input from experienced chiropractors. This allows engineers to add impressive features and enhance the massage chair ergonomically. Moreover, massage chairs designed for people with sciatica offer deep tissue massage therapy to mitigate the discomfort resulting from the disorder.

Regular massage therapy sessions are highly successful in decreasing the stabbing pain and placating your painful muscles. Besides, they keep your serotonin and dopamine levels regulated. However, individuals with sciatica can buy a personalized massage chair that suits their needs.

These massage chairs exert pressure at different points along the spine and help relieve the sciatic nerve. Your thighs also get massaged properly and there is a significant reduction in the radiating pain. Last but not the least, massage chairs provide an incredible option to avoid the complications associated with such disorders. Having a ten to fifteen minutes long massage session daily can improve patients with diseases such as arthritis and sciatica.

Add Vitality To Your Sex Life

Prolonged stress, according to a growing body of medical experts, decreases sex drive and affects your physicality. The hectic modern-day life has produced many problems such as lack of sleep, low energy levels, chronic stress, and impaired circulation. Massage chairs provide a remarkable solution to this dilemma. 

Having regular massages keeps a lot of health issues at bay and improves your general well being. It helps enhance your blood circulation and keep your muscles stimulated. These factors play a significant role in the rise of testosterone levels in the body. In short, all these changes reflect well on sexual performance, intimacy, and physicality.

What’s more, a recent study has validated these effects and strengthened the claim that massage therapy is extremely beneficial for your overall health. It keeps your mind clear and nurtures your brain cells.

Increase Productivity At Work

According to a recent survey, having a massage chair at the workplace can serve as a booster for the productivity of your employees. A five to ten minute long massage therapy session can substantially lower the factors that hamper creativity. In fact, it can take off all the stress on an employee’s mind and keep him energized for the whole day.

Apart from that, massage chairs offer mellow temperament that increase the tolerance and patience level of people. It can promote workplace harmony and cultivate a healthier and moral atmosphere for the employees. Besides, it keeps them poised and mentally aware at all times. Research shows that massage can enhance the cognitive function and skills of a human being. As a result, employee injuries are rarely reported in such workplaces or offices.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Stimulating your muscles through massage chairs helps generate a fair amount of heat that keeps your body warm. This heat production imparts a positive effect on your skin and lightens your tone. It also gives you a fresh look and acts as a stimulant to loosen skin pores.

Skin pores are the primary pathways for excreting harmful toxins and impurities that darken your skin. When you sweat, these particles leave your body and become a part of the surrounding atmosphere.

Consequently, these pores exude the impurities and result in a naturally healthier skin. The release of harmful substances and toxins resulting from sweating holds great health benefits for your body. Not just that, the regeneration rate of skin cells is also greatly increased, providing a higher healing potential from cuts and bruises, anywhere on your body. An increased cell regeneration rate signals better emotional and physical well-being, all thanks to massage chairs.

Improve Digestion And Gut Motility

Massage chairs have an ergonomic design that allows them to target various muscle groups, including those that control digestive health. With an enhanced blood circulation, different body organs can function at a better level allowing metabolic processes to occur more effectively. Thus, food passes smoothly through the alimentary canal without blocking or obstructing any part of the tract.

People who use massage chairs observe huge improvement in the peristaltic movement of food. They enjoy improved functioning of the stomach and intestines. Moreover, improved gut motility means lesser internal infections, reduced build-up of gases, and a lower risk of constipation.

Strengthen Your Immune Function

As you may know, fast-paced urban life has made us more vulnerable to deadly infections. We interact with a lot of people daily. This everyday interaction and our close proximity to each other can have a negative impact on the overall health of an individual and make him prone to impurities in the environment.

Massage chair therapy helps stimulate and boost the immune system of your body by making sure that the heart is functioning at an optimum level. Strong pumping of the heart pushes blood throughout your body, helping blood cells combat germs at a faster rate. Thus, massage chairs provide greater immunity by flushing out the risk factors that may harm your health.

Lastly, these effects are more pronounced in individuals with immune system disorders such as HIV. Massage produces a visible change in their combative potential, enabling them to stay healthier.

Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Considering the things that recent scientific research has brought to light, a lot is to be said about how a better posture and adequate sleep can enhance your attention to detail and improve your mental focus. Massage therapy improves the circulation of blood, realigns your spine, and pushes the vertebrae back to their original position. Thanks to massage chair therapy, people can now sleep better and have an active brain that absorbs more oxygen.

What’s more, adequate and quality sleep ensures improved lung capacity that allows you to have better mental and physical health. Better sleep hygiene stimulates greater production of serotonin and endorphins. This in turn enables your mind to have a sense of fulfillment and stay focused on the surrounding environment.

When your body’s sleep debt is paid, you can respond to people and work more meaningfully. This even lets you take in more of your surrounding environments. Moreover, it reduces the likelihood of random accidents and enhances your mental capacities to an optimal level.

Researchers were able to demonstrate these effects in a recent study, where the ability to solve different problems was linked to receiving a good massage chair therapy session. The results showed that mental clarity is a direct result of having sufficient amounts of oxygen available to your brain cells and being calm at all times.

Reduce Unnecessary Stress

Stress is a major risk factor that leads to a wide array of illnesses. It usually results from a direct or indirect cause of a number of health issues. A vast majority of patients who regularly see their doctors about lower back pain, hypertension, digestive problems, allergies, and even hair loss, get the same advice from their healthcare provider: ‘try to relax’.

Getting rid of undue stress is the first step to leading a healthier and happier life. Our daily modern day lives can wear us out with stress and fatigue regardless of what age group we belong to, not to mention the various psychological and physiological complications as we grow older.

To combat this effectively, medical experts and health coaches recommend investing in an all-purpose massage chair. It can help you experience the convenience and comfort of modern living, eliminating the need to go out and set an appointment with a therapist.


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