Foot Massager For Diabetes

Foot Massager For Diabetes

Foot Massage Diabetes: Using a Foot Massager For Diabetes

Prevalence Of Diabetes In USA: How A Foot Massage Can Help The Americans

There is a general conception that “diabetes eats your body like maggots”. The internal damage induced by diabetes is widespread and severe. According to data from the National Diabetes Statistics Report 2020 it is estimated that 10.5% of all American adults suffer from diabetes. The major complications arising from diabetes include

  • Neuropathy (attack on nerves)

  • Retinopathy (attack on eyes)

  • Nephropathy (attack on kidneys)

  • Cardiovascular disease (attack on heart and blood vessels)

Knowing of the issues associated, many people ask the question: is it beneficial to use a foot massager for diabetes?

Best Foot Massager for Diabetes:

Z Smart Foot Massager

Z-smart foot massager is the perfect solution to achy, tired feet or sore calves offering a state-of-the-art foot massage. Compared to visiting a massage therapist for diabetic neuropathy, the Z-smart foot massager provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative. Equipped with heated massage rollers, heat travels deep into the soles offering absolute comfort. The Shiatsu foot massage offered by this massager improves balance and blood circulation. With the auto-shutoff feature, you no longer have to worry about turning the machine off. Coming with washable and removable covers, this foot massager is easy to clean and manage. With a powerful vibration, the Z-smart foot massager combines the heating effect with an airbag to give a perfect heat encompassing compression. The precise point technology offers a deep kneading massage to relieve pain. Say your goodbyes to tired, paining feet with a Z-smart foot massager.


  • Different massages like Shiatsu

  • Washable covers

  • Powerful vibrations with warm compression

  • Precise point technology for pain relief

  • Auto shutoff


  • No wheels on the feet

Z-Smart Foot Massager for Diabetes

Z-smart foot massager plus is a superior foot massager that serves as a standalone massager offering your feet and calves a perfectly relaxing massage. With Z-smart foot massager bid farewell to aching feet because the machine offers a Shiatsu foot massage with heat to build scar tissue and reduce chances of further injury. This electric foot massager comes with a removable cover that is easy to wash, and transport wheels for easy travel. Quiet technology ensures that you relax peacefully during the massage with a Z-smart foot massager plus’s strong yet quiet motors. The multidirectional rollers massage in all directions for a complete foot massage. Auto shutoff relaxes you from the worry of turning the machine off. It also covers a complete foot and leg massage ensuring no place is left out. While the Z-smart foot massager plus focuses on the feet and calves, a full body nightly massage can provide additional benefits for diabetics, including relaxation, pain relief, and improved flexibility.


  • Easy transport with wheels and handles

  • Washable covers

  • Multidirectional foot massage

  • Auto deflate system for safety

  • Quiet technology

  • Foot, ankle, knee, calf, and thigh airbags


  • Expensive

  • Bulky

Relationship Between Diabetes And Foot Pain

Diabetic neuropathy refers to nerve damage caused by undulating glucose levels in the body. The most common site of the attack is the peripheries including hands, arms, and most importantly feet.

Peripheral Neuropathy and Diabetic Neuropathy

Damage to the nerves of the feet and legs is referred to as peripheral neuropathy. It is the most common type of peripheral neuropathy.

According to a study, the prevalence of peripheral neuropathy was found to be between 6 and 51% among diabetics. It was also seen that weakened nerve supply of the extremities leads to increased occurrence of foot ulcers and amputation (in severe cases). Peripheral arterial disease is another complication that can arise from diabetes, leading to decreased blood flow to the feet.

Signs And Symptoms

If you are experiencing the following symptoms there is a good chance that you might be suffering from peripheral diabetic neuropathy:

  • Burning or tingling sensation in the legs and feet

  • Sharp neuropathic pain in the foot

  • Sensitivity to touch

  • Numbness and paresthesia

  • Loss of touch sensation

In severe cases, complications from diabetes can lead to a diabetic coma.

A found that people suffering from diabetic neuropathy also showed abnormal (reduced) ankle reflexes and slower than normal nerve conduction speeds.

Benefits Of Foot Massager For Diabetes

By now you might be fearful and hoping that you will eventually fall into the pit of diabetic neuropathy, owing to long-standing diabetes.

The good news is that foot neuropathy can be avoided by a simple yet effective treatment strategy i.e. foot massage. Foot massage can also help regulate blood glucose levels, reducing the risk of hyperglycemia and its associated complications.

You can get a nice, cozy massage by a therapist or you can opt for a foot massager. Modern foot massagers are superb in imparting relaxation and pain relief. Studies have shown that massager devices such as foot massagers are spot-on in improving muscular imbalances and alleviating stress in students.

The most evident advantages of having a foot massage using a foot massager are discussed below:

How Foot Massager Helps In Diabetic Foot :

  1. Prevents Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetics should add foot massages to their daily routine. With the advent of foot massagers, they no longer need to visit a therapist just for a foot massage. The main reason for this particular recommendation is that foot massage reduces the chances of peripheral neuropathy. According to a study, foot massage may help in preventing peripheral diabetic neuropathy in cancer and diabetes patients. An improvement in sleep was also noted in the study participants. Additionally, diabetics massage can help alleviate symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and improve overall foot health. 2. Improves Blood Circulation

The greatest advantage of a foot massage for diabetics is the improvement in blood flow. Abruptions of microcirculation are the main culprits in the development of peripheral diabetic neuropathy. According to a study, abnormal regulation of blood flow to the peripheries leads to neuropathy and increases the chances of foot ulceration. Compromise in the blood flow of the nerves alters the nerve conduction velocity. This decrease in nerve perfusion can then lead to cell death of the neurons, thereby, giving way for peripheral neuropathy. In a study, it was found that compromised blood supply of nerves produces deleterious changes that prove to be a major contributor to diabetic neuropathy. 3. Increases Range Of Motion

Prolonged neuropathic foot pain and discomfort make one wary of movement. Many patients tend to have a decreased range of motion due to the fear of pain. In some cases, even the weight of a blanket or bed sheet can trigger severe pain. Such patients can take help from foot massagers that have special roller massage facilities. According to a study, foot roller massage is directly linked to improvements in the range of motion of the ankle and force. Participants also reported improvements in reflexes. As per a randomized controlled trial, foot massagers have shown promising results in the management of neuropathic pain and alleviation of restless leg syndrome symptoms. 4. Provides Pain Relief

Massage therapy (manual and via devices) is considered an efficacious treatment modality in the management of peripheral neuropathy. Pain associated with peripheral neuropathy can be effectively reduced using foot massagers, a study suggests. In another study, it was concluded that massage is an effective alternative treatment for improving foot sensations, balance performance, and range of motion of the foot in diabetic patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Massage on the foot effectively releases pressure on the muscles leading to pain relief. As per a study, massage therapy is a safe nonpharmacological treatment used in the management of diabetic neuropathy. 5. Enhances Mood

Foot massage also has positive impacts on your general health. Persistent pain and discomfort make one irritated and sad. However, with a foot massage, a lot of things can be changed. A foot massage can gravely enhance your mood and it’s not just the pain relief that brings about the changes. It is believed that massage leads to the release of neurotransmitters in the body i.e. endorphins. According to a study, beta-endorphins are released as a response to connective tissue massage. The effect of this neurotransmitter release is mood elevation and pain relief. Another study found that massage therapy ameliorates mood in students and also improves symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Foot Massager Good For Diabetic Feet?

Yes, foot massagers can be beneficial for diabetic feet by reducing neuropathic symptoms, increasing blood circulation, and relieving tensions. Physical therapists often recommend foot massagers as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for diabetic neuropathy.

2. Who Should Not Use A Vibrating Foot Massager?

People with history of deep vein thrombosis, pregnant women, peripheral neuropathy, open sores or wounds on their feet, should avoid using vibrating foot massagers.

Incorporating Foot Massagers into Daily Routine

Integrating a foot massager into your daily routine can significantly impact your overall well-being, especially for those managing diabetes. By making foot massages a regular part of your day, you can help mitigate some of the adverse effects of diabetic neuropathy.

Morning Routine

Starting your day with a foot massage can be incredibly beneficial. It can stimulate blood flow and help wake up your muscles, preparing your body for the day ahead. Using a foot massager in the morning can also help reduce any stiffness that may have developed overnight, ensuring that you begin your day with less discomfort.

Midday Relief

For those who spend a lot of time on their feet or have a sedentary job, a midday foot massage can provide much-needed relief. It can help alleviate the stress and pressure that builds up in your feet throughout the morning. Additionally, taking a break for a foot massage can serve as a mental refresh, reducing stress and improving focus for the remainder of the day.

Evening Relaxation

Ending your day with a foot massage can help you unwind and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. It can reduce the tension accumulated during the day and help relax your muscles. Incorporating a foot massager into your evening routine can also improve your sleep quality, as a relaxed body is more likely to achieve deeper, more restorative sleep.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Use

Modern foot massagers come with various features designed to enhance the massage experience. Understanding and utilizing these features can help you get the most out of your foot massager.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a common feature in many foot massagers. It helps to relax muscles, reduce stiffness, and improve blood circulation. Using heat therapy in conjunction with massage can provide deeper relief and is especially beneficial during colder months when circulation issues can be more pronounced.

Adjustable Intensity Levels

Most advanced foot massagers offer adjustable intensity levels, allowing you to customize your massage experience. Whether you prefer a gentle massage to relax or a more intense session to relieve deep-seated pain, adjusting the intensity can help meet your specific needs.

Massage Modes

Different massage modes can target various issues and preferences. For example, shiatsu massage modes focus on deep tissue and pressure points, while rolling massage modes can help soothe the soles of your feet. Exploring and switching between different modes can provide a comprehensive foot care routine.

Portability and Convenience

For individuals who travel frequently or need relief on the go, portable foot massagers are a convenient option. These devices are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and use anywhere. Some models even come with rechargeable batteries, ensuring you can enjoy a massage without needing a power source.

Holistic Approach to Foot Health

Incorporating foot massages into a holistic approach to health can amplify their benefits. Here are a few additional strategies to consider:

Proper Footwear

Wearing supportive and comfortable shoes can significantly impact your foot health. Proper footwear can prevent additional strain on your feet and enhance the effects of regular foot massages.

Regular Exercise

Engaging in regular physical activity can improve circulation and overall health. Activities such as walking, swimming, or yoga can complement your foot massage routine and contribute to better foot health.

Hydration and Nutrition

Maintaining proper hydration and a balanced diet supports overall health and can help manage diabetes more effectively. Proper nutrition can improve skin health and enhance the benefits of foot massages.

Mindfulness and Stress Management

Incorporating mindfulness practices and stress management techniques can improve your mental and physical health. Practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation can complement the relaxing effects of foot massages.

Long-Term Benefits

Consistent use of a foot massager can lead to long-term benefits beyond immediate pain relief. Over time, you may notice improved mobility, reduced frequency of neuropathic symptoms, and an overall increase in quality of life. Regular foot massages can also serve as a preventative measure, helping to avoid more severe complications related to diabetic neuropathy.

Choosing the Right Foot Massager

Selecting the right foot massager is crucial for maximizing benefits. Consider the following factors when choosing a foot massager:

Type of Massage

Determine what type of massage you prefer—whether it’s shiatsu, rolling, vibration, or a combination. Different massagers offer different types of massages, so choose one that best fits your needs.

Features and Settings

Look for a foot massager with adjustable settings, heat therapy, and multiple massage modes. These features provide a customizable experience, ensuring you get the most out of each session.

Comfort and Fit

Ensure the massager is comfortable and fits your feet well. Some massagers are designed for larger feet, while others are more compact. Choosing the right size will enhance your comfort and the effectiveness of the massage.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the massager is to use. Look for features like remote controls, easy-to-clean surfaces, and straightforward operation to make your experience as convenient as possible.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews can provide insight into the effectiveness and durability of the foot massager. Look for reviews from other diabetics to see how the massager has helped them manage their symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating a foot massager into your routine can provide significant relief from the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. By improving blood circulation, reducing pain, enhancing mood, and promoting better sleep, foot massagers offer a holistic approach to managing diabetes-related foot issues. Remember to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new treatment, and choose a foot massager that best fits your needs and lifestyle.


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