How Do You Reset A Massage Chair?

How Do You Reset A Massage Chair?

After spending a hectic day at work, you would love a relaxing massage with a massage chair. It helps relax your strained muscles and relieves the tension, leaving you ready for a new day. So while a massage chair can be a great and worthy investment, you must learn how to set it up the right way. Even though it seems like a very simple thing to keep, one must learn to maintain it properly. This also means resetting the massage chair every once in a while. If you are here in search of finding out how to reset your massage chair we are here to help.

How To Reset Your Massage Chair?

While you may be a little skeptical about doing it yourself, resetting a massage chair isn’t as hard as it sounds. You won’t have to call a skilled technician for the job if you can do it yourself, thereby saving some maintenance costs. To reset your massage chair, just follow the instructions below.

How To Reset program of the massage chair?

To reset your massage chair program, follow these steps.

  1. Switch your massage chair in the power socket to power it on.
  2. Next, get the remote control of the massage chair and switch it on.
  3. Then press the OFF/ON button to initiate the massage program you want.
  4. Then press this button again to reset a new program and delete the previous one.
How To Reset Your Massage Chair?

How To Reset Your Massage Chair To Factory Settings?

One of the simplest ways to get rid of all the customizations that you’ve made to your massage chair is to factory reset the device. If your massage chair has been personalized with custom massage styles, programs, time span, etc. you should know how to restore it to its factory settings. The factory reset of a massage chair is much similar to any other device like a mobile phone. These settings are built-in within the massage chair when it is bought. If you think your massage chair may have problems with the internal mechanism, you can boost its performance by resetting the device to factory settings. Follow these instructions below.

  1. Turn the massage chair off and ensure that no one is sitting on the seat. The chair should also be free from external loads.
  2. Get the remote control of the massage chair and press the “Kneading” and “power” button together.
  3. Hold the button pressed for about 7 to 10 seconds.
  4. You will see a sign of “error” on the left end of your remote if it supports the in-built screen.
  5. When your massage chair pad vibrates, it is a sign that your factory reset has been successfully completed.

It is important to note that some massage chairs have a button dedicated to factory reset. You can consult the user manual of your massage chair to see if it is programmed to reset in another way.

How Do You Reset Your Massage Chair?

What issues can a Massage Chair reset solve?

When your massage chair starts showing certain issues, a reset can be just what it needs. Here are a few things that a massage chair reset can help resolve.

  • Increased Body Temperature of the Massage Chair

If you feel that your massage chair’s body is getting heated, it may be because of some jammed-up settings. When you reset your massage chair, you’ll delete and remove any faulty settings that may have caused the overheat. So a fresh start can be taken with a reset, thereby resolving the issue of increased massage chair body heat.

  • Timer Stops Functioning

The automatic timer is an important feature of the massage chair because it helps you keep a track of the time for which your massage chair runs. Without this, you won’t be able to know how long your device has been running. Even though the timer doesn’t impact the internal mechanism of massage, it is an important concern for the user. If your timer has stopped working, a massage chair reset may help restore its auto-timer.

  • Massage Chair Making Noise

Sometimes a massage chair can suddenly start making noise because of several reasons. It could either be an issue with the air compressors, or a faulty motor. While a technical issue calls for professional help, sometimes a factory settings reset may help resolve the issue. So, before contacting a technician, try to restore the factory reset of your massage chair as this can resolve the noise issue.

  • Massage Features Not Responding

If some of your massage chair features are not working or functioning properly, a massage chair reset may be all that’s needed. If the airbags aren’t being compressed properly, massage rollers aren’t going as deep as they should, or the LCD monitor isn’t working, try resetting your massage chair, as this can help deal with these feature issues.

  • Massage Chair Abruptly Stops

If your massage chair stops abruptly while working several times, may a reset can help. Sometimes this issue can occur because some personalized settings have gone wrong and caused the massage chair to malfunction. Try resetting your massage chair because that can resolve the issue in some cases, but if the issue still persists, you may have to contact a skilled technician.


Most of the time, a factory reset is what works in resolving all these issues, and you may not need to do anything more. If there is no issue with your massage chair’s hardware, a factory reset will work 9 times out of 10 easily. This not just saves your time, but also saves your money that would otherwise be spent on calling an expensive technician for the fix. Here we have given you a detailed guide about resetting your massage chair with ease. If you think that your massage chair is showing any of the problems above, you may need to reset it. In that case, you can simply use the guide above to reset your massage chair.


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