Spring Loaded vs. Electronic Ottoman - The Massage Chair

Spring Loaded vs. Electronic Ottoman Massage Chair

A massage chair is a tool used for self-massage. You don’t need to visit any professional and pay hundreds of dollars.

It has motors and springs to do its job. You can use this for different parts of the body. A massage chair reduces hand massage, which is a tough job. The system inside a massage chair tends to provide the feel of a professional massager.

A massager also uses water technology which shows the evolution of massager with time.

In severe body pain, massage helps a lot. If you are stressed out from a hectic routine, a massage chair is a healthy option. This makes your life easy, pain-free, and stress-free.

Are you searching for a massage chair and finding it tough because of so many options available in the market, and you can’t decide the right one for you.

There are so many varieties in the market with advanced technologies, but every feature will fail if you select the wrong one. So, it’s essential to consider your requirements to find the best match.

If we talk about price, you can purchase the most expensive one for you. Yet, it’s not guaranteed that you will get the best quality. So, It is not necessary to pick costly things to get quality. Therefore, if you find the best fit, you must buy it.

The main problem that everyone faces is finding a massage chair that fits perfectly according to your height and body type. These are essential points to find your perfect match because these features vary from person to person. If you have short or long legs, then this might be challenging for you.

For guidance purposes, I am sharing a difference between a Spring-loaded and an electric ottoman. The most significant thing is its extended ability. Therefore, we differentiate based on extending the foot part. This difference increases your understanding so you can choose the best one for you.

Legs Extension Process

Legs fitting is important for the required result from a massage chair. If you have long legs, all massagers offer maximum extension and also different settings for better adjustments. It doesn't matter if you are short or long because every massager offers extended options. The main difference is the way they follow for extending the leg. Let’s discuss it separately.

Spring Loaded Massage chair

A spring-loaded massage chair’s settings are manual, and you have to adjust your legs by yourself. You can freely change your resting position. This is favorable for many, but some people dislike it.

It has no electrical operating system, A spring-loaded massage chair’s settings which is a good thing because you don’t need to depend on a system or press buttons whenever you want to change your body position.

But if you have long legs and massager has a tight spring. This might not be comforting while sleeping. You sleep with straight legs, but when you wake up, you will be in a different position which is unacceptable and disturbing for many people.

Spring loaded has pros and cons, but you can eliminate its disadvantages by choosing a massager with a perfect spring.

Electronic Ottoman Massage Chair

You can control it just by clicking quick keys. Electronic Ottoman is the best for people with long legs who don’t want any discomfort. It has auto-adjusting features, which make it easy to fit with any body type.


This is a sensor that ensures perfect fitting. When you sit on it, it can adjust according to your height. It knows what your height is; however, it can’t scan bodyweight hand width.

The scanner lies on the upper side of the foot part, and when your feet touch it, it extends relatively.

When you sleep on it, you wake up with the same posture. It stays where you want it.

You can change its position by clicking quick keys, which is easy, but some electronic massage chairs come with remotes. Operating a remote with complex systems is kind of discomforting, which is against the purpose of a massager. You also have to click a button every time you want to change your position.


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