What Are The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Chair?

What Are The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Chair

What is a zero-gravity recliner?

Zero Gravity chairs position your body to make you feel stress-free and energized. This works by elevating your feet to the same level as your heart. When you are in this position, you reverse many of the effects of gravity on your body every day. This includes offsetting strain on your vertebrae, relieving back pain, improving circulation, and cushioning sore muscles. Zero Gravity recliners are also known as stress relief chairs.

Many body pains, mental pains, and even diseases are bi-products of stress. Gravity puts your body under a tremendous amount of stress every day, serving to wear down your muscles over time. Zero gravity chairs are a tremendous tool in promoting both targeted relief and greater overall health.

Why is it called a zero gravity chair?

NASA initially discovered the zero gravity position.  It gets its name from replicating the posture astronauts take when inside a rocket upon liftoff. While the name ‘zero gravity position’ gives the reader an impression that it may have something to do with defying the principle of gravity, it's actually about the best position to recline a chair.

Because astronauts endure intense and sudden increases in gravity while escaping the Earth's gravitational pull, it's important that they position themselves so that their bodies can deal with the increase in stress. The zero gravity position distributes the weight of your body evenly across the chair. By assuming this reclined position, astronauts distribute the stresses of takeoff across their bodies in a safe way. As a result, the chairs astronauts sit in during launch all use this reclined configuration. They say that the chair replicates the settings of launch chairs for astronauts.

Zero Gravity Chair benefits

Do zero gravity chairs really work?

Studies show that zero gravity chairs provide several different benefits that result in overall increased health.

One of the most unexpected benefits of zero gravity chairs is an improved posture. Research has scientifically proven the zero gravity position improves the posture of the body by decompressing the spine.  This is a subtle benefit because it is not readily as obvious and works from long term use. The posture is improved due to the correction of the misalignments in your shoulders and neck. An additional zero gravity chair benefit is pressure and pain relief to the lower back. The zero gravity position will help with lower back pain by taking pressure off the lower back. This can be highly beneficial for anyone with lower back pain.

Zero Gravity chairs help to lower blood pressure. Everyone understands the benefits of being totally relaxed and feeling good. These are the equivalent feelings to that of a program like yoga or Pilates. By helping you relax, your blood pressure remains constant, and the heartbeats in a steady rhythm.

Having a zero gravity chair with a full body massage option is a great way to get relief from sore muscles. The human body can be considered a smart machine. When the body gets exertion beyond its capacity, the muscles in the body get sore and stiff. This signals an immediate stop in the exertion. Using these signals, one can keep the body under check and control.  Nowadays, we tend to do plenty of tasks where over-exertion is quite likely. This is especially true for those who play sports, workout in the gym or do labor work regularly.

There are two primary elements in a zero gravity chair with a massage option that promotes improved blood circulation. The first element is a mechanical massage feature, where the massage chair primarily gets its name from.  The massage options available for most e zero gravity massage chairs include rolling, tapping, gripping, shiatsu, and kneading techniques. Most of these ultimately involve the movement of specific regions of the chair to induce a relaxing effect. As a result, this action greatly improves blood flow. There are countless benefits as a result of improved circulation. These include speedy recovery from injuries, elimination of toxins, and stimulation of endorphins in the body that ultimately allow the body to cope with stress and pain. With the zero-gravity position, the various body parts are more receptive to these increased circulation benefits.

According to a recent study, when a massage lasts for 45 minutes or more, it can increase lymphocyte production in the human body. Lymphocytes are white blood cells defending the body against various diseases from the immune response of the body to threats. As a result of this, the body’s immune system gets boosted up. The increased production of lymphocytes makes it much easier to recover from illness and ramp up the immune system to protect you from future illness.

It can’t be overstated how the lymphatic circulation in the human body plays such an important role in overall blood flow. The lymphatic system is considered the drainage network for the body since it allows the body's fluids to remain balanced. It also protects against several types of infections. While white blood cells are pumped all across the body by the heart, there is no such dynamic force behind the lymphatic circulation. These fluids move as a result of the contraction of muscles and breathing. Zero Gravity Chairs that feature massage are an effective way to get this fluid moving in various parts of the body.

Massage chairs also have an effective method of eliminating various types of pains, including common body aches, chronic back pain and shoulder pain, and headaches. This is because the body experiences a decrease in the cortisone levels in the body due to the massage chair while increasing the serotonin by 28% on average. Serotonin is a hormone that works as a pain reliever and induces relaxation. Another benefit of zero gravity massage chairs is that they improve the flexibility in the body. They do this by combating conditions such as a trigger point known to decrease the body's flexibility.

Zero Gravity Chairs for Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Relief and Management

Zero gravity chairs can be an essential tool for individuals dealing with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica. The reclining position of perfect chair helps to evenly distribute body weight, reducing pressure points and alleviating pain in critical areas. Additionally, the enhanced blood circulation and reduced muscle tension provided by zero gravity chairs can contribute to long-term pain management and improved quality of life.

Incorporating Zero Gravity Chairs into Home Wellness Spaces

Creating a Home Wellness Sanctuary

With the growing trend of home wellness, zero gravity chairs are becoming a popular addition to personal wellness spaces. Setting up a zero gravity chair in a quiet, dedicated area of the home can create a sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. Paired with other wellness tools such as aromatherapy diffusers, soft lighting, and calming music, a zero gravity chair can enhance the overall ambiance and effectiveness of a home wellness routine.

Zero Gravity Chairs and Meditation

Enhancing Meditation Practices

Zero gravity chairs can enhance meditation by providing a comfortable and supportive environment, reducing physical distractions, and helping maintain proper posture during meditation.

Zero Gravity Chairs in Rehabilitation Therapy

Role in Physical Rehabilitation

These chairs are significant in physical rehabilitation therapy, providing a supportive environment for gentle stretching and relaxation exercises. They help reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, aiding in quicker recovery.

Zero Gravity Chairs and Technology Integration

Smart Features and Technology Integration

Modern zero gravity chairs come with features like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and a suite of customizable massage programs controlled via smartphone apps, personalizing the relaxation experience.

Impact on Lifestyle and Daily Routine

Incorporating Zero Gravity Chairs into Daily Life

Incorporating a zero gravity chair into your daily routine can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve mental well-being. Regular use can enhance your lifestyle and contribute to a healthier, more balanced life.


Zero Gravity Chairs for Pregnant Women

Benefits for Expecting Mothers

Pregnant women can benefit from zero gravity chairs by alleviating discomforts such as back pain and swollen legs. The improved circulation and reduced lower back pressure provided by these chairs significantly enhance the comfort and well-being of expecting mothers.


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