How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last

A Massage chair is a complicated assembly of thousands of intricate parts. The manufacturing of Zarifa’s massage chairs involves strict quality procedures for testing and inspection. With careful usage and timely maintenance, your massage chair is set to provide you with consistent well-being assistance for many years to come.

The need and demand for massage chairs become a vogue nowadays mainly due to the ease, portability, and convenience they provide. Though typically massage services are offered by professional therapists, modern-day massage chairs are designed to provide an advanced and reliable massage experience at the ease of home that can outsmart the services of a traditional therapist.

The market for massage chairs is also growing because more brands are entering the industry, leading to greater affordability due to the competition. The embedded versatile functionalities and innovative mechanisms in Zarifa’s massage chairs make them an appealing choice for personal and family usage. This combination of accessibility, affordability, and creativity embraces Zarifa’s massage chairs as a perfect option for people who crave the relaxation of a professional massage therapist at the ease of their homes.

Elite Vs Traditional Massage Chairs

The key advantages of Zarifa’s massage chairs are the product’s comparison with classic traditional therapy regarding ease of use, greater control and management tools (remote,  chair buttons, etc.), and its long-term cost efficiency. Zarifa’s massage chairs are built with quality material, high-performance parts, longevity, durability, and need very little servicing.

In general, Zarifa’s chairs can have an average life span of 5 to 10 years depending on the usage. However, to prolong the durability of your massage chair, always read the manual with attention to detail and follow the instructions and precautions with utmost care and responsibility.

Since massage chairs are a rather sincere investment in your health, you should use Zarifa’s massage chairs with utmost care. All in all, how long a massage chair will last depends on the frequency of usage and how carefully you choose to use these health machines.

Debunking the Myth of Massage Chair Fragility

However, there are questions about the reliability, complicated mechanics, and advanced technology of massage chairs. People have many concerns regarding the durability and fragility of cheap massage chair products, as they fear that cheap products may lead to a compromise on the durability.

In contrast to these questions, Zarifa’s massage chairs are carefully created with an eye for quality, and detailing, and are robust pieces of equipment that have been specifically designed to sustain repeated use over a long period. Based on the build quality of our massage chairs, it is very clear that our products not only retain longevity but also are a sensible investment for long-lasting health benefits.

Understanding the Durability of a Massage Chair

At first glance, the elaborate inner workings of Zarifa’s massage chairs look fragile because they serve as substitutes for an expert masseuse's hands. The complicated yet very sophisticated system of Zarifa’s massage chairs includes motors, gears, rollers, and also airbags that work in conjunction with each other to create a dynamic massage experience.

In contrast, a complex massage chair increases the factor of sustainability. Our premium-quality massage chairs are curated using durable materials that are picked and designed to stand the test of time. At its core, often a strong steel frame is used, and these chairs provide stable support for long-term usage.

The protected mechanical components provide strength and also make the product resistant to routine wear and tear, meaning Zarifa’s massage chairs are tested to last for a long time.

On the outside, you have high-quality synthetic and real leather which is famous for its sturdiness and toughness. Meanwhile, Zarifa is very famous for using durable synthetic leather in its massage chairs. Mainly because of the high heating standards and lasting quality of leather when the heat function of Zarifa’s chairs is turned on, it will easily sustain the heat while providing a premium experience.

Industry Example of Reported Massage Chair Issues

For example, a certain motor that is reported to face problems in the other massage chairs is the massage chair footrest. This electric motor provides a smooth and automated displacement of the footrest that is controlled by the preset massage programs or options for manual control using a remote. Although these motors are usually strong enough for daily operation, the cases of melted motors and if the children sit on the footrests during motion times. Luckily, such motors are not very expensive and are easy to replace in case of this type of failure.

Fabric Quality and Durability of Massage Chairs

As in many top-end massage chairs like Zaif’s, the materials used for the most part include synthetic leather. This material is not only stylish and soft to the touch, but almost indistinguishable from real leather; it also provides enhanced durability, especially with continuous roller movement beneath a surface.

Although the fabric does not come under the warranty of a massage chair, its usual life span on Zarifa’s massage chairs with ‘normal’ use should be between 5 to 10 years. This period can be potentially affected by environmental conditions such as humidity, light, heat, and usage. As this will help you to preserve both the fabric’s durability and also color, it is suggested that your massage chair be placed in an area devoid of direct sunlight.

Air Compressors of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs use air compressors to provide forced air that fills the bladders placed in the arms, back, legs, and feet promoting circulation throughout the body. They are usually very strong, especially if there is more than one compressor in the chair; nevertheless, they can deteriorate and become noisy when not used properly.

The emergence of noise can mean problematic situations, pointing out the compressor’s breakdown or pressure lack. As mentioned above, your Zarifa massage chair’s air compressor should last for about 5- years or remain without any problems. It is important to remember that the massage chair air compressor in general never operates 100% silent.

All in all, when it comes to the durability of the massage chairs there are mainly two elements that you should consider. The quality of your massage chair and how you choose to use it. If the quality of your massage chair is already compromised for money, no matter how carefully you choose to use the massage chair, it will not last. 

On the other hand, you have a quality massage chair but choose to use it without any care and for long hours and without any rest, it will definitely affect the durability of the product. The expert recommendations are to choose the quality product and then educate yourself about the do’s and dont’s of the elite mechanical massage chair. Pay attention to the precautions and the instructions of the user manual.


How long does a normal massage chair last?

Durability of the massage chairs depends on the quality and the personal preferences of the user. Zarifa’s massage chairs last 5 to 10 years and more, depending on the frequency of usage and personal preferences.

How to take care of the massage chair?

Use a soft fabric to clean the outer surface of the chair and a vacuum cleaner to clean the particles.

How often do massage chairs need servicing?

A typical massage chair would normally need service after every couple of months. Mainly it depends on the frequency of the usage and personal preferences.

Who makes the best massage chairs?

Zarifa is a US based elite company known for producing high quality massage chairs.


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