How To Get Healthy Again (After Age 60)

How To Get Healthy Again (After Age 60)

Rejuvenation and sustenance of your health after a certain point in life can be a daunting task. It is very important to understand and point out areas of concern regarding your physical and as well as emotional health after your sixties. The real question arises how exactly caring for one’s body differs from caring for the same body after the sixties and why?

It is because the health goals one has before the fifties are not the same as the new goals an average human has in his late fifties and sixties. Most people retire and do not have the same amount of work to do. Therefore, there are different energy requirements and changed exercise regimens in old age.

The care mechanism still is to be tailored person to person but here are some general measures people over sixties can take to remain healthy.

1. Keep A Check On Your Bone Strength

It is now more important than ever to monitor bone health. The human body is undergoing the process of aging faster than ever and the wear and tear in bones has accelerated. 

If you are facing any serious problems, do not hesitate to talk to a professional. Even if you are a medically healthy individual eating the right amount of calories, you should stay in touch with your doctor.

Get a bone scan done to check mineral density to avoid possible risks for osteoporosis and fractures. To alleviate bone pain, you can introduce certain lifestyle modifications. Besides, you can get help from advanced methods of massage therapy. 

Massage therapy is medically proven to improve bone and joint-related pains. But getting a consultation from a doctor or a therapist can be a hassle. You can get a massage device to avail the same benefits without having to worry about booking and waiting for an appointment. If you plan on buying one, don’t miss out on this wonderful back and neck massager.

2. Make Healthy Dietary Changes 

For older individuals, it is advised to limit calories as a whole because of the lower muscle mass. Your body is now using most of its calories as fat storage. Having a lower BMI is the root of a healthier lifestyle. Higher fat percentage harbors many lethalities like insulin resistance and diabetes. Balance your diet with a mix of healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

A good diet helps you maintain a healthy bowel and bones and it is also a medicine for your brain health. It is also very crucial to supplement your diet with vitamin D and C for better calcium absorption and retention. They have to be taken apart from the food you are eating because your digestive system loses its efficiency in old age.

3. Exercise Your Muscles Regularly

Exercising not only strengthens your musculoskeletal structure but it also helps you with bowel movement and absorption of nutrients. Exercising your muscles and pelvic floor can help prevent muscle aches and prolapsing organs. If you have complaints in this area, you can benefit from exercise.

Exercise has proven to have various other benefits for your heart and vessels. It can help relieve those cramping muscles and increase the range of motion. 

Sometimes it is difficult to get up every day and have follow an exercise routine especially when you are in pain. Massaging deeper tissues to release tension really helps activate the muscle groups before you begin your exercise. All in all, a twenty-minute session on a full body massage chair is a great way to start the day.

4. Avoid Physical Stress

About 30% of our elderly population suffers from osteopenia or low bone density. This implies that an inefficient diet and poor exercise leads to bone loss. In such cases, overexerting and overexercising your bones at this point does not help much. Trauma or even microtrauma to bones can lead to osteoporosis.

Therefore, osteoporosis or weak bones need to be exercised and used in limits. Massage therapy can help you restore the aching muscles and strengthen your bones. You can now get amazing devices such as smart massage guns that target specific areas with adequate temperature and pressure. 

5. Devote Some Time For Self Care

Health is everything to celebrate now. We should not have to deny our own well-being now, rather than something that we will achieve in the future. A healthy diet and fitness exercise will significantly improve our odds of enjoying the longest possible time with someone we love.

Physical well-being is an outstanding life base, but the link between humanity and intention is vital to living with meaning. Care about others and the use of one's knowledge and resources in the environment will help enhance your well-being and safeguard cognition. A great way to relax during your self-care time is to have a massage tool for your feet. You can heal while walking doing normal chores.

6. Organize Everything

Having a well-designed morning routine to reenergize and properly wake you up for the day can improve the quality of life a million folds. Start your day with something relaxing. A little bit of full-body exercise or massage can help you achieve that dream sixties life.

Pain management through mechanical methods really enhances post-workout muscle recovery. If you have complaints of waking up tired and need a further push to start the day, massage can help you. It helps reduce stress and induce better sleep so you wake up well-rested. 

Furthermore, massage helps evoke better tissue growth responses by manipulation of deep tissues. It offers better healing from back and neck pains. Besides, it reduces the symptoms of stiffness and helps increase blood circulation. A massage chair is undoubtedly the closest thing you can get to your personal masseuse.

The Bottom Line

If you are moving into your sixties and concerned about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should be aware of some necessary changes. Having a tailored meal plan that includes protein-rich and fiber-fortified foods, paying extra attention to vitamins especially vitamin D and C, and exercising regularly can help ensure better bone health and alleviate bone pain. 

To ensure relief from MSK pain, hire a massage therapist or get one of the best massage chairs here. Diet, exercise, and massage therapy combined will help you heal not just physically but also mentally and spiritually.


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