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Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Best Massage Chair for Tall Person

Every once in a while you need a day where you can sit back and relax in front of the TV. The thing that would make this relaxing evening perfect is a massage chair. Although it may seem like a relatively straightforward decision to buy one, there are a variety of factors to consider particularly in terms of your build and height. Believe me you do not want to go out and spend thousands of dollars after a strenuous hunt for one, come back home and realize it that your legs do not fit in it! What you need is to know the right chair in the market for you, one that will work on massaging all the tension out of your body with the design that is tailor built exactly for you. No need to worry about the extensive research of where to look and purchase one, we took over that job for you. We have narrowed down you reach for a massage chair for a tall person to these designs so go on ahead and choose the right one for you!

Best Massage Chair For Tall People

Best Massage Chair for Tall People

Most Innovative Design: Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus

Designed to perfection with an artificial intelligent feature named Alice, the Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus justifies its price tag completely. The AI characteristic means you do not need to use a controller to get the chair to respond which creates an uninterrupted, smooth calming experience. Furthermore this chair has been made keeping in mind the environment is should could create. It comes with an O2 ionizer, reducing the intensity of any smells around you and creating a safe surrounding. With the controller installed within the armrest, the 3D design of the controller gives you immediate access so you can enjoy all the parts of the massage chair.


  • Intensely focused on relieving stress and pain from every crevice of your body.
  • Extremely easy to use and flexible in terms of features.
  • Has both "S" and "L" tracks which allows for a deep tissue massage, an option missing from most massage chairs
  • Has been designed to take up the least amount of space possible.


  • Heavy on the pocket.
  • Will be expensive to fix if something gets broken or does not work.

Most Relaxing: Z-Smart Massage Chair

Weight: 354 lbs.

Offering a wide dimensions of relaxation, the Z-Smart Massage Chair comes with both 3D and 4D massage options. It allows you to massage every inch of your body, from your back to your legs and glutes at multiple speeds. Good news for all of us with big body sizes, this is a massage chair for a large person, it comes with the feature that permit you to stretch your feet for at least 10 inches. A perfect massage chair for people of all body sizes and shapes. With this chair be prepared to give your body a full compression as this chair comes with air bags installed cleverly to use pressure depending on where the healing is required.


  • With the unique option for a 4D massage the chair is similar to an experienced massage therapist.
  • Caters to all parts of your body at one time; knees, calves, toes to your hamstrings.
  • Has an option for the user to program the massage according to their individual preference


  • Difficult to clean and maintain; requires disassembly of all parts in order to clean.

Most compatible design for massaging the entire body:  Z-Dream Massage Chair

Weight: 410 lbs.

The Z-Dream Massage Chair has been built to target every nook and cranny of your body. With arm bags in the upper arm the chair targets a wide portion of the body. The design of the chair with hand massage sleeves for left and right palms, flexible pillow pads and airbags that specifically targets knots in calves and legs. This is the targeted massage chair that is tailored made to include rollers and 52 air bags that make sure every part of your body including your waists and hips, are relieved from pressure. The mechanics of the chair are made to modify to the curvature of your back so you can have the most prime experience with your daily massages.


  • The 2 Piece Valve Technology can be used to treat rotator cuff injuries.
  • Offers a variety of levels of width controlling with options of wide, normal and narrow.


  • It will be very heavy to move and maneuver.

Most Affordable: Z-Cloud Massage Chair

Weight: 261 lbs.

The Z-Cloud massage chair offers a full body experience as it has been specifically designed to put pressure in all the right to relax you. This chair comes with a four part valve technology that allows maximum coverage. The perfect combination of 12 massage rollers and air bags take away pain to relive all your stress. It can even double as a rocking chair as it moves back and forth in a swig motion during a massage. It even allows you to virtually connect to the chair through a companion application. What more would you need than mechanical hands that understand the fittings of your spine and massage the neck, shoulders, back and waist accordingly. With the Z-Cloud Massage Chair be so relaxed if feels like you are actually walking on clouds!


  • The design is extremely convenient with a built in remote pouch.
  • Can cause relief from a variety of pain case due to the presence of the double step-less motor adjusters.
  • It especially focuses on the relaxation technique through feet with the ergonomic foot massage and the advanced foot rollers.


  • It does not include the 3D rollers feature

Having one of these to go back to at the end of the day can be the highlight of your day. There are a limited number of options for massage chairs for tall people in the market however I guarantee that you will not be disappointed choosing one of these.

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