Massage Chair For Cancer Patients

Massage Chair For Cancer Patients

Cancer is a horrendous monster that sucks out life from your body. The doctor's failing attempts to keep you safe and free of symptoms only add insult to injury. The worst thing about cancers is the rapid progression and their spread to other parts of the body. You may find yourself in a swarm of pain if the tumorous cells originate in the bone/joint or arrive at these hard structures from some other organ. The ultimate result of this invasion is pain that can be managed with massage chairs.

Bone Cancers: The Benefits of a Massage Chair for Patients

The most common types of malignant bone cancers include:

In addition to primary bone cancers, there are cases where cancerous cells (Mets) from other organs arrive and affect the bone/joint. There is a common misconception that massage therapy can spread cancer cells throughout the body, but there is no scientific evidence to support this belief.

Osteosarcoma :

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 1000 new cases of osteosarcoma are reported in the United States each year. It is the third most common form of bone cancer and usually affects young adults and children. 

It is a malignant tumor that develops in the bones around the knee bone and upper arm bone (close to the shoulder).

Chondrosarcoma :

This type of cancer develops in the cartilage cells (connective tissues of bones). There is an overproduction of cartilage in this particular cancer that makes up more than 40% of primary bone sarcomas.

Ewing Sarcoma :

Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive tumor that develops and spreads in the pelvis and the leg region of young adults/children.

Bone Metastasis

In addition to primary bone cancers, there are cases where cancerous cells (Mets) from other organs arrive and affect the bone/joint. Cancers that are most likely to spread to bones include:

  • Prostate cancer 

  • Breast cancer 

  • Lung cancer 

  • Lymphoma 

  • Multiple myeloma 

  • Kidney cancer 

  • Thyroid cancer 

According to a study, prostate cancer metastasis to the bone is the most significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the disease. Similarly, breast cancer can give off Mets to bone leading to reduced mobility and a hampered life. 

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Sign and Cancer Related Symptoms :

Whether the cancer is primary or metastasized in nature, the signs and symptoms are the same:

  • Bone pain and swelling 

  • Tenderness in the affected area 

  • Increased propensity to fractures 

  • Weakness in arms and legs

  • Fatigue 

  • Unexplained weight loss 

Cancer Treatment :

There are different treatment modalities that are based on the type, location, and aggression of cancer but in general, the therapy is aggressive.

Be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgical resection, cancer treatment is agonizing and does more harm than good in the majority of cases. Massage therapy is often used to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

This is why a number of people across the globe seek natural remedies to alleviate symptoms instead of going for a myriad of prescription drugs.

Home Remedies For Cancer Patients

Bone pain is regarded as one of the worst pains that gravely impacts the quality of life. In a number of cases, the pain doesn’t respond to over-the-counter pain killers. While opioid usage is effective, addiction to drugs is pretty harmful and inevitable.

So, to kick out bone cancer pain from the body you can try these effective non-interventional strategies:

Enhancing Pain Management through Massage Therapy

For many cancer patients, managing pain effectively is a crucial aspect of improving quality of life. Massage therapy is increasingly recognized for its role in palliative care as a supportive treatment to alleviate symptoms and enhance well-being. The gentle, rhythmic pressure applied during massage can help soothe the nervous system, reducing the perception of pain. This is particularly beneficial for those experiencing chronic pain associated with bone metastases. Additionally, massage therapy can be effective in addressing cancer-related symptoms such as chemotherapy-related nausea, anxiety and stress, depression, cancer fatigue, pain control, and prevention of chemotherapy-related neuropathic pain.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being

The emotional toll of cancer can be as challenging as the physical symptoms. Regular massage sessions can significantly lower stress levels, which in turn may help decrease the body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone. By fostering a state of relaxation, massage therapy can also promote better sleep patterns, which is often disrupted in cancer patients due to pain or anxiety. Moreover, massage therapy can help alleviate symptoms of depression and mood disorders in cancer patients.

Enhanced Immune Function

There is emerging evidence suggesting that massage may help boost the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing waste from the body. This can be particularly advantageous for cancer patients whose immune systems are compromised due to the disease and treatments like chemotherapy. It is important to find a licensed massage therapist who specializes in working with people with cancer.

Adaptations for Different Cancer Types and Treatments

Massage therapy for cancer patients is highly customizable. Therapists trained in oncology massage adapt their techniques to accommodate the unique needs of each patient, taking into account factors such as the type of cancer, treatment stage, and overall health. This personalized approach ensures that all treatments are safe, gentle, and beneficial, focusing on the areas most affected by cancer symptoms or treatment side effects. It is crucial to seek advice from healthcare professionals before opting for deep tissue massage.

Community and Support Through Massage

Massage therapy sessions provide a sense of community and emotional support which is vital for cancer patients. Being in a nurturing and caring environment can help alleviate feelings of isolation and depression that often accompany cancer diagnosis and treatment. For many patients, the massage therapist’s touch provides comfort and reassurance during a particularly challenging time in their lives. Oncology massage therapists play a key role in providing specialized massage techniques for cancer patients.

Research and Future Directions

Continued research into the benefits of massage therapy for cancer patients is critical. As more studies are conducted, the potential for massage to complement traditional cancer treatments becomes increasingly evident. This could lead to more integrative approaches being adopted in oncology care settings, where massage is offered as a standard part of patient care. The benefits of massage therapy for breast cancer treatment, including its effects on symptoms such as pain, fatigue, lymphedema, and quality of life in breast cancer patients, are particularly noteworthy.

Educating Patients and Families

It is also important for healthcare providers to educate patients and their families about the benefits and safety of massage therapy in cancer care. Clear communication can help patients make informed decisions about incorporating massage into their treatment plan. This education can also extend to understanding the different types of massage that might be most beneficial depending on their specific conditions and symptoms. Manual lymphatic drainage is particularly beneficial in alleviating lymphedema caused by cancer treatment.

Integrating Massage Chairs in Cancer Care Facilities

Given their benefits, integrating massage chairs into cancer care facilities can offer an accessible form of relief for patients who might be too weak or unwell to receive traditional massage therapy. These chairs provide a consistent and gentle massage experience that can be easily controlled and adjusted to suit individual patient needs, making them an invaluable resource in oncology wards. The benefits of Swedish massage for people with cancer, including its potential effects on cancer-related fatigue, mood state, pain threshold, and local musculoskeletal symptoms, should also be considered.

Oncology Massage For Cancer Patients

Massage therapy has numerous benefits for cancer patients:

Healing Touch

It is believed that the touch of a professional therapist can effectively relieve cancer pain which is known as healing touch. As per a prospective study(carried out on breast cancer patients) healing touch and massage are associated with significant pain reduction in cancer patients. The massage therapy benefits for cancer patients include positive effects on emotional and physical stress, pain management, and addressing side effects. Another 2018 study found healing touch and massage to be efficacious for cancer patients.

Bone Pain

Gnawing, agonizing bone pain is a persistent discomfort for the patients. Dealing with this pain is difficult, however, evidence suggests that massage therapy relieves bone pain and imparts muscle relaxation.

Mets to the spine can lead to the development of lower back pain. Studies suggest that massage is an effective non-interventional method of providing relief from back and neck pain in cancer patients.

detailed study reached the conclusion that massage therapy not only alleviates pain but also improves the general well-being of oncology patients. Researchers suggest that massage therapy be added as additive therapy.


Quality of life was improved in children with cancer by the adoption of massage therapy. A systematic review found out that massage therapy leads to a reduction in symptoms (nausea, pain, vomiting, stress). Improvement in red blood cells and neutrophil count was also seen.

Cancer Treatment

Even the patients undergoing cancer therapy can get benefit from this strategy. A 2017 pilot study revealed that chemotherapy-induced pain and fatigue symptoms can be declined via hand massage.

A specialized type of massage i.e. oncology massage is superb for providing acute relief and reducing symptom burden. Massage is ideal for caregivers too.

A massage therapy session can judiciously flush out the fatigue in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Massage Chair For Cancer Patients

Massage Chair for cancer patients are fruitful. This fact is backed by evidence. As per a study, cancer patients reported a reduction in distraction and anxiety with better relaxation after a chair massage.

Massage chairs are ideal for severely ill cancer patients. It reduces your effort to get to a professional therapist. The airbags of the modern chairs mimic human hands and can provide very precise massage to cancer patients.


Bone cancers and metastasized cancer (affecting the bones) are very difficult to bear for the patients. Bone pain, increased risk of fracture and fatigue make life difficult. Treatment modalities such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy negatively impact the body, therefore, it is preferred to resort to some natural remedies. Massage therapy is the best non-interventional strategy to provide pain relief and fatigue reduction in cancer patients.


Can Cancer Patients Use Massage Chairs?

Yes, massage chairs are marvels of technology that can help out the aching and fatigued cancer patients. Owing to the effectiveness of massage chairs, they are now being added to cancer centers.

Deep oscillation massage via a massage chair is proved to be safe and well-tolerated by most patients.

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Is Massage Therapy Good For Cancer Patients?

Yes, massage therapy is a pretty effective and safe treatment modality for cancer patients. It is beneficial in numerous ways including finding oncology massage therapists who are licensed and have special certification to work with cancer patients.

  • Pain relief from bone cancer

  • Relaxation of mind

  • Flushing out of fatigue

  • Elevation of mood

  • Improvement of blood circulation

Can You Have A Massage After Cancer Treatment?

Yes, according to a clinical trial, massage therapy is beneficial for improving shoulder movement and limitation of pain following radical mastectomy in cancer patients.

Is Reflexology Safe For Cancer Patients?

Yes, reflexology is a completely safe and well-tolerated type of massage. Foot reflexology massage has been shown to improve symptoms in breast cancer patients.


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