Massage chair for home theater

Massage chair for home theater

As most of us are at the comfort of our homes today, there is an increase in the number of people who are turning to massage chairs for their homes to improve their home entertainment and better their lounging methods. With an advanced massage technology, being comfortably designed with leather cushioning, this furniture offers a complete relaxation. Massage chairs for home theater offer many health benefits providing relaxation to back, thighs, arms, shoulders, feet, and legs. If you are looking for a good massage chair for your home theater, you have come to the right place!

We have a few picks for the best massage chairs, and also provide a complete guide for you to find the best ones.

Massage chair for home theater: our picks

Below, we have compiled some of our favorite picks that cater to your needs for a perfect massage chair for home theater.

1. Z-Smart Massage Chair Plus

Z-smart massage chair plus is a perfect massage chair that serves as a luxury feature for homes. It holds everything that a good massage chair requires. With a voice control, you can easily take control of your massaging experience. The O2 ionizer eliminates any outdoor distractions by cleaning the space. This massage chairs 3D quick access control allows you to monitor your device from the armrest in case the voice command doesn’t work. Z-smart “L” and “S” tracks allow lower back, and back massage extending down to the glutes and thighs. Supporting hand massage technology, the massage rollers support multiple positions offering a whole-body massage. You can adjust the kneading with the adjustable levels.
Z Smart Massage Chair Plus for Athletes

2.  Z-Smart Massage Chair

Z-massage chair brings an innovative method to give your muscles the best relaxation they need. This massage chair offers a total body massage getting to those tense and stubborn areas which are often missed out. With a twisted seat function, zero gravity, and adjustable leg extensions, you will get the complete massage that your body deserves, and that too, at the comfort of your own home! Z-smart massage chair moves beyond the 3D massage and offers a 4D massage offering the variable speed dimension. With the infrared heating system, give your massage a boost. Supporting multiple features like air bags, O2 ionizer, extended range massage, 5 level adjustable speed, advanced foot rollers, and much more, step up your massaging experience with Z-smart massage chair!
Z Smart Massage Chair For Athletes

3. Z-Dream Massage Chair

Enjoy the massage of your dreams with the Z-dream massage chair that has handy and comfortable arm control, heat support, and a zero-g stretch for best results. The Z-dream massage chair has foul-wheel, vertically moving, intelligent and quiet massage hands that give the massage of your dreams. Get a personal yet professional massage experience by choosing between eight auto massage methods. With automatic body recognition, the massage chair detects your body and gives a completely personalized massage. Listen and watch your favorite music and videos during your massage with the Z-dream Bluetooth surround sound system.
Z Dream Massage Chair for Athletes

4. Z-Cloud Massage Chair

Z-cloud massage chair is one of the most ergonomically comfortable massage chairs that supports different massage methods, along with S+L track massage rollers. With massage pockets that are easy to fit, you can easily slide in your arm allowing more room for you to sit in. offering more functionality than any other massage chair in the market, enjoy a perfectly relaxed massage. Everything in Z-cloud massage chair is customizable, from the height of massage back to the shoulder width, and the feet. The Z-cloud massage chair has speaker system that allows full 3D surround sound for creating a perfect relaxing environment.  The Z-cloud massage chair has four vertically moving wheels and intelligent, quiet hands allowing you to choose from six different auto massage methods. Activate the intuitive touch screen menu by connecting your device using the companion app.

Z Cloud Massage Chair for Athletes

Finding the right massage chair

There is a handful of things that you should consider when selecting the best massage chair for home theater. Some of the most important factors, which we believe are essential are listed below.

1: Size

When it comes to choosing a massage chair for your home theater, you should get one that will fit in with the setting without taking too much place or dominating the place. Normally, you can choose a massage chair roughly between 20 inches height, 25 inches width, and 30 inches in depth.

2: Comfort

The most crucial factor when its about choosing a massage chair is finding the perfect fit. Comfort comes ahead of all other factors. We suggest that you choose a massage chair that has ample padding for preventing neck and back sores after extended massage sessions. The massage chair should also have a thick arm rest.

3: Extras

Above the comfort, you should also choose a massage chair that offers something extra, like maybe electrical reclining, remote control for operation, a sound system, or LED lights etc. Something a little extra can make your massage experience even better!

4: Price

We never buy anything without looking at the price. So, while there are different features offered in different prices, prioritize what you need in the massage chair and thoroughly search up all your options. The prices may vary from one place to the next, so you may get the same thing in a better price!

Features of massage chairs

When you go for finding a massage chair, there are some features that you should know off, because they can help you make the right choice. Some of the features of massage chairs are listed below.

1: Heat

Heat is one of the most important feature of a good massage chair as it helps improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

2: Air Bags

Air bags are present in those areas of massage chairs where rollers cannot reach like neck, shoulders, legs, arms, and feet. These offer a compression massage.

3: Foot Rollers and node

New massage chair models have rollers that go to different depths of provide an intense massage experience.

4: Leg and Calf Massage

Leg and calf features in massage chairs have air bags, heat, and foot rollers for an innovative massaging experience.

5: Zero Gravity

Zero-gravity feature improves your massage experience by positioning your knees a bit above the heart giving a weightless feeling. These render a deep and relaxing massage.

As you see, there are different massage chairs available in the market today and you need to do your thorough research before finding the r


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