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Work is everywhere! We all make our living by doing work. But sometimes, it can be painful. The pressure of meeting expectations and deadlines can add too much stress and anxiety

Being over-stressed makes your employees less productive. Statistics from the Stress Institute of America show that 83% of US workers experience stress related to work, and loss of $300 billion occur yearly in businesses due to stress.

And many of the employees miss their work just because of the stress and depression it causes. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide your employees an excellent productive environment. There are many ways of doing it. And one of the simplest ways is having a massage chair in your office. 

Read on to know how a massage chair can help you and your employees to work better.

Massage Chair for Office

Benefits of Massage Chair in Office

Boost creativity

Massage is a way to heal the body and boost spirits. Massage gently manipulates your body muscles and tissues. Different researches have proved that massage increases oxygen levels in the blood and improves circulation to the brain. Improved circulation increases brain functionality. It boosts the creativity of your employees and helps them to think out of the box. 

A research published in the International Journal of neuroscience studied the effect of massage chairs on participants' mental abilities. Participants were asked to relax in a massage chair for 15 minutes two times a week for five weeks. After 5 weeks, ECG results reported enhanced alertness, high speed and accuracy on math computations.

Reduce stress

Stress releases adrenaline in the bloodstream and heightens the senses. In short, it increases concentration and focus but only for a while. Long-term stress can take a toll on the mental and physical well-being of employees. It makes it difficult for them to concentrate on work, thus decreasing the effectiveness of work. It is essential to manage stress to work better. 

Massage helps decrease stress in many ways. It decreases sympathetic stimulation and enhances parasympathetic effects. Massage helps the pounding heart to relax by reducing heart rate. It relaxes muscles. It also declines the level of stress hormones in the blood.

A study published in Complementary therapies in clinical practice reveals that just 15 minutes of chair massage during work can reduce stress-related symptoms.

Treat Headache

Headache at work occurs more often. The reason can be long-term staring at screens, the stress of work, and poor posture. Headache decreases productivity and even makes employees skip their work. 90% of people complain that they can’t work properly due to headaches.

A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reveals that, on average, people take 4 days off per year due to headaches. 

Well, a massage can be useful for the headache that allows your employee to work better. Massage increases blood circulation to the head area and decreases muscle spasms. When massage is applied to specific trigger points in the neck and shoulder, it relieves pain.

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that 30 minutes of massage per week reduces headaches symptoms.

Massage chairs in an office can treat your employees’ headaches in less time; this helps them work effectively.

Back pain

According to an article published in Journal named medicine, almost 75% to 85% of individuals once experience back pain in their lives, which is the most common cause of the inability to work.  

Back pain can be due to several reasons. And one of the reasons is poor posture. Sitting all day long in front of a desk can develop tension in muscles, thus causing pain to an employee's back, which is definitely going to affect their work. Massage can heal back pain, but going to a massage spa or parlor can take a day off from the office. 

There are types of massage chairs that stimulate blood flow in areas of the back, stretch and knead the problematic areas, thus relieving back pain. Having a massage chair is a good way to save your employee from the trouble of going to a spa. According to research published in the Journal of Complementary Alternative Medicine, an automated massage chair for back massage is an efficient approach that provides relaxation.

Improve mood

A mood is an emotional state that can last from a few minutes to a week. A mood can affect how people respond to work. A bad mood creates negative energy, while an exciting mood creates positive energy, which helps the person to achieve milestones enthusiastically. 

Several factors can influence our daily mood. To work productively, it is essential for your employee to be in good spirits. 

The least you can help them to improve their mood is to provide them with a massage chair. Different studies show that massage causes calmness and relaxation. It releases happy hormones, dopamine, and serotonin, which bind with their receptors in the brain and bring change in your mood.

Improved circulation

Most employees have to work all day in a specific posture, which affects their blood flow. A poor blood flow causes cramps, stiffness of muscles, and tiredness.

Well, taking a massage from an automated massage chair can be done in just 30 minutes. It improves blood circulation and treats muscle stiffness. It can be refreshing for them to have a short massage session to restore their energy.

Reduction in healthcare costs

Most of the companies bear healthcare costs of their employees to some extent in health insurance. Stats show that, on average, companies spend $4000  yearly for each employee’s health coverage. And with the insurance for family members’ health too, it can reach more. 

Obviously, an owner of a company will always want to cut down these expenses. An effective way to get this done is to have massage chairs in your office. 

Massage helps the body to heal in a number of ways. It’s helpful in the treatment and reducing the risk of many diseases. It reduces the risk of injury, thus decreasing the healthcare cost.


Massage chairs help employees to relax so that they can work productively. It boosts blood circulation and creativity of the employees, which helps them to think out of the box. Getting a massage even for 15 minutes can be soothing and relaxing for the employee. A massage chair can help reduce the healthcare cost by reducing the risk of injuries and healing the body.


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