5 Reasons Massage Chairs Are Good For Arthritis

5 Reasons Massage Chairs Are Good For Arthritis

Are massage chairs good for arthritis? Of course, they are! Read on to learn more about the countless benefits of massage chairs and their effectiveness in treating arthritis patients. 

As the primary reason for work disability, arthritis affects over 54 million adults across the US. The annual cost of medical care for arthritis patients surpasses three hundred billion dollars. 

It is a painful and degenerative disease affecting the cartilage present at joints. Although it is quite common across the world, it is often misunderstood. In simple words, arthritis is a combination of joint inflammations that aren’t easy to deal with. 

Arthritis affects most people in their mid-40s or older. There are many different types of arthritis, depending on the location and cause of inflammation. However, the following two classes are the most common:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Before we go through massage therapy’s efficacy in the treatment of arthritis, let’s recognize some of the early signs of the disease. In the initial stage of degeneration, you may notice stiffness in your joints. The joint may swell, causing the skin around it to take a reddish hue. As the degeneration progresses, the muscles around the joint get wasted. 

Are massage chairs good for arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Are Massage Chairs Good For Arthritis Patients?

According to a 2020 survey, one in every five US adults had a massage last year. Massage chairs are the closest thing that you can get to your masseuse. Although they are a significant investment, they have effectively treated soreness, stiffness, and injury rehabilitation. 

But the question here is: are massage chairs good for arthritis? Several studies have shown that massage can help relieve pain and reduce stiffness in arthritis patients. 

An increasing number of medical experts supports the claim that adding massage therapy to arthritis patients’ routines can be highly beneficial. However, this demands both time and money. Massage chairs are an eloquent solution providing all the advantages of massage therapy from the comfort of your home.  

Sounds interesting, right? To understand it better, let’s go through five major health benefits of using a massage chair.

1. Inhibits The Production Of Stress Hormones

Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol is the principal-agent aggravating many mental and physical health disorders. A 2011 review suggests that massage therapy can significantly reduce the cortisol levels in the blood and increase the production of endorphins, chiefly serotonin.

Endorphins are the hormones that create feelings of happiness and boost your mood. So, massage chairs may help in decreasing stress levels and lightening your mood. 

Moreover, a  recent study shows that massage chairs control the release of a particular neurotransmitter involved in producing the sensation of pain. Thus, the addition of massage therapy to your everyday routine may lead to a decreased perception of pain. 

2. Enhances Blood Circulation

Apart from improving blood flow, chair massage therapies are also responsible for promoting better lymphatic circulation. 

According to a research report, enhanced lymphatic circulation plays a crucial part in eliminating toxins from the body. It leads to better management of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Not just that, it also results in dilation of the lumen of arteries and veins, which plays a crucial role in relaxing your muscles. Blood flows smoothly through the otherwise congested parts, thus delivering adequate amounts of oxygen to the tissue cells. 

3. Prevents Muscle Fatigue

Inflammation in joints causes pain in the surrounding muscles. Your body employs an extra set of muscles to perform its functions typically. This leads to undue stress and pressure in the muscle tissue, producing an imbalance in the concentration of different nutrients.

Chair massage therapies involve numerous controls and settings that allow you to target a specific group of muscles. You can also control the strength and pressure of the stroke to get the desired results. 

In short, massage chairs promote muscle relaxation, reduce pain in the tissues surrounding the joint, and help you sleep better. 


4. Alleviates Bone & Joints Pain

Managing pain is undoubtedly one of the worst things that arthritis patients have to live with. There is sufficient evidence to prove that chair massage therapies significantly reduce the pain in the inflamed areas. 

A 2014 study reveals that conducting massage therapy four times a week can help alleviate pain and manage the symptoms of arthritis. Moreover, it increases the range of motion of the stiffened joints.

Furthermore, a 2016 study suggests that two Swedish chair massage therapy sessions a week for two months can eliminate knee osteoarthritis symptoms. It restores the bone strength, grip, and overall function of the joints. 

5. Relieves Tension Along The Spine

Patients who have spinal arthritis can enjoy numerous benefits from chair massage therapy. With the advancements in technology, massage chairs offer incredible correctional features that increase the spine’s flexibility. 

Spinal arthritis develops gradually over months. It proliferates as a result of severe pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve endings surrounding it. 

Due to its harmful effect on the spinal cord, this form of arthritis can lead to severe complications, including extreme pain radiating to your limbs and numbness of the whole body.

High-quality reclining massage chairs coax the muscles surrounding your vertebral column into a more relaxed position, thus allowing the spine to restore its natural alignment. 

Are massage chairs good for arthritis and Massage Chair For Arthritis Patients

How Often Should I Use The Massage Chair?

Medical experts recommend a 15-20 minutes long chair massage therapy session four times a week for arthritis patients. In most cases, regular massage therapy leads to full recovery of the joints. 

Moreover, there are many different chair massage therapy techniques, including Shiatsu chair massage therapy, deep tissue chair massage therapy, and Swedish chair massage therapy. If you take blood thinners or have undergone surgery recently, you should avoid using a massage chair. 


Now that you have read the whole article, you should’ve got the answer to the question: are massage chairs good for arthritis? Chair massage therapies are an excellent addition to an arthritis patient’s schedule. They are convenient, affordable, and reliable. 

Besides, they save you the trouble of fixing an appointment and going out to a massage center. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for arthritis, make sure you don’t miss out on them. 

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