Why is a Massage Chair Good for You?

Why is a Massage Chair Good for You?

 When life feels busy and overwhelming, sit down in a massage chair for some relaxation. Whether you have one in your house or spend a few dollars to sit in one at the mall, massage chairs are wonderfully calming. Why is a massage chair good for you? Keep reading to find out!

Massage chairs and your health

For a very long time, massage has been linked to feeling relaxed. Whenever anyone mentions that they made a reservation for a massage session for themselves, you may conjure up visions of a fragrant chamber lit by flickering candles, swaying greenery, a tropical hideaway, hot pebbles, exfoliation, and warm towels. All these elements combined with massage therapy create a relaxing experience.

Research shows that massage treatment comes with numerous advantages. Massage increases emotional and physical wellbeing. It can enhance circulation, improve sleep, and relieve headaches.

The best part is that you don't have to go to a massage therapist to reap these benefits. Rather, you can take advantage of them right in the convenience of your own home by investing in a high-quality massage chair. The development of new technologies has made it possible for manufacturers of massage chairs to produce an at-home spa experience that levels with or exceeds the benefits of a traditional massage experience!

The surprising benefits of massage chairs

There are so many potential benefits to massage chairs. Some of them may surprise you. Let's discuss some of these benefits. 

Relieve your stiff neck and shoulder pain

Most massage chairs offer specific treatment for the neck and shoulders. It's highly effective in easing the stiffness of a sore shoulder and reducing headaches associated with a sore neck. If you do not feel like splurging on a massage gun yet, you could find a massage chair that provides similar relief for more time.

Relaxing your shoulders and arms can reduce neck pain and increase dopamine levels. This raises the pain threshold and speeds up recovery. If you aren't sure which massage chair is best, you can count on the Z-Dream Massage Chair. The goal of this chair is to create a full-body massage experience. It aims to provide the ultimate relief from neck and shoulder pain along with other body parts. Head to toe, there is not a pain point it can't reach. Smart robotic massage fingertips adapt to the slope of your back, resulting in an improved massage experience every time. Choose from eight automated massage techniques:

  1. Quick
  2. Pleasant
  3. Relaxing
  4. Ache easing
  5. Fatigue relieving
  6. Vertebrae care
  7. Stress relieving
  8. Waist stretching. 

Each of these techniques replicates the human touch of that spa-like massage experience. You'll experience the same profound relaxation and pain alleviation as with a licensed massage session.  

Encourages circulation in the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system consists of nodes underneath the skin that create lymphatic fluid. It is part of the immune system. The lymph system travels throughout the body and removes toxins. This system can cause discomfort and swelling when it doesn't function optimally. Stimulating the body rhythmically and circularly helps lymphatic fluid flow more freely. Some massage methods, such as rolling and Swedish, are great for increasing lymphatic drainage. 

Fortunately, the Z-Cloud Massage Chair has a pair of dynamic and intelligent massage fingertips that can give you a massage that nourishes your lymphatic system. You can select from the following six types of automated relaxation: 

  1. Express
  2. Wholesome
  3. Oriental
  4. Swedish
  5. Classic
  6. Chiropractic 

All these techniques can produce a human-like, therapeutic, enjoyable, and relaxing massage. 

Boosts brain function

Every person who works in an office can agree that having access to a massage chair at the office comes with many advantages. It's the best way to give your mind a break before your next meeting. Massage also benefits those with ADHD. Massage chair therapy reduces the severity of the condition and improves overall attention. 

Expect all this and more from the Z-Smart Plus Massage Chair. Its stress relief mode is ideal for calming your mind after a long day at work. It massages your tired muscles and relieves your joint pain, making you feel instantly refreshed. Get the mental peace you are craving with the Z-Smart Plus Massage Chair!

The bottom line

Investing in your long-term wellness by buying a massage chair is smart. It requires little to no extra hassle. How else can you discover all these benefits we've discussed? Massage has shown to be an effective and alternative therapy for a wide range of clinical health concerns. This is true both in terms of the brain and the body. Now you know exactly why it is so good for you! So, grab your favorite massage chair now! 

All Zarifa USA products are HSA and FSA eligible. This means you can contribute your health savings funds towards the purchase of any of our products!


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