What Does a Good Massage Chair Cost?


The value of a good massage chair can be only understood by those people who are suffering from chronic pains. The prices of massage chairs are quite different as compared to other products in the market. It usually starts from 1k$ to 10k$ on average but there are some major differences of features that you should first understand before taking your decision.

It's a well-understood fact that most expensive models have more features, however; it's up to you to decide which massage chair includes all those features that are your requirement. Several factors directly impact the price range of massage chairs, that's why you must understand what types of features will satisfy your needs without compromising your budget

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Features That Affect Massage Chair Costs

Massage chairs are widely available in different price ranges and features. As the technology is advancing day by day, new features are now being introduced in massage chairs to provide the utmost comfort to users so that they can tackle their pain flawlessly. Some crucial factors can impact the prices of these therapeutic chairs directly; you should first identify your needs to consider the most relevant model without wasting your hard-earned money.

  • Limitations or Reach of Massage Tracks that read your spine, legs, and neck.
  • Automated and Customizable massage chairs.
  • Concentrated massage feature with advanced rollers technology.
  • Airbags for muscle pressure.
  • Zero-Gravity recline potential.
  • Dedicated Reflexology massage focusing feet and calves.
  • Full body heating options.
  • Personalized Massage with body scan technology.
  • Built-in speakers powered by Bluetooth and app compatibility.

Why a Good Massage Chair is a Smart Investment?

Smart investment is quite necessary especially in this era where a pandemic can make people lose their jobs. The alternate of a massage chair is to hire a professional therapist that can cost you 100$ on average for a single session. So let's do some Math’s and multiply this cost with 12 months on average of 1 session per week only.

As per our results, it can easily cost you anywhere between 3000$ to 5000$ yearly to hire a therapist. While on the other hand, buying a massage chair is a one-time investment that will not only provide you comfort on demand, but it will also save your thousands of bucks for the next 5 years that you were going to waste on massage therapist.

That's the whole strategy is known as a smart investment. A good massage chair will surely ease your pains every day instead of waiting for a therapist for an entire week. Moreover, the massage chair offers some excellent features that a therapist cannot offer you despite paying thousands of dollars yearly.

Zero Financing

Are you unable to afford a good massage chair due to the limitation of the budget? Well, with Zarifa USA quick financing program, you can conveniently grab your favorite massage chair on installments without any hassles. We are offering one of the best financing rates that start from 0-30% APR so that you can take advantage of this outstanding program without compromising on your health.

Surprisingly, there will be no hidden fee because we have already explained everything in our terms and conditions. The process is also quite simple; you simply have to choose "Affirm" as your payment method while checking out. After finalizing your preferred payment terms, you will be provided with free products without any further information.

Moreover, you will be also reminded with monthly SMS reminders for the upcoming payments so that you can conveniently pay your installments on time without any worries.

Finding an Affordable Therapeutic Chair

Are you still struggling to find the most affordable therapeutic chair according to your budget without compromising on features? With our excellent search option, you can now simply filter your choices by providing us your height, weight, and price range. Our automated system will show you the best results that you suitable for your budget and requirements within a few seconds.

Moreover, you can also use our comparison option especially if you are puzzled between two different options so that you can quickly pick up the most appropriate one as per your needs and budget. We are also offering 90 days return guarantee in which we will be bound to refund your amount in case of any dissatisfaction. We are the only retailer in the market that you can blindly trust due to our flexible and customer-friendly terms and conditions that include free shipping, returns, and much more.


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