Most Expensive Massage Chair in the World

Most Expensive Massage Chair in the World

The massage equipment includes the massage cushions and massage gun plus, made with specified technology. They are really awesome to give your muscles relaxing therapy. They are specific to hit a single point at a time and they are controlled manually. Zarifa USA has introduced a fantastic blend of technology; a Z-smart massage chair. Operated through AI system without a controller. the chair can provide you a complete luxury massage experience.

With the advent of technology, Artificial Intelligent technologies aid humans in multiple ways. And the combo of artificial intelligence with synthetic intelligence came out with a fantastic result. 

Pricing :

 The Z-smart massage chair possessing so many characteristics is extremely expensive. A single chair may cost you up to $10,999.99. it turns out to be the most expensive massage chair. But the price does match its feature appropriately. You won’t regret purchasing it when you get to know the feature. And especially when you will try it once, you can’t help purchasing.

What Factors Make It Super Expensive?

Z-smart massage chair plus is built utilizing the latest AI technologies. It is designed in a way to massage every node and point of your body simultaneously. It doesn’t need any manual control and you control it by your voice. They provide you’re a deep tissue massage of your lower back and legs. After the boring hectic day, you will understand the value of such an awesome product. There are multiple other features that have done justice to its price. 

Adjustable for everyone:

Everybody has different body physic. Some people are too skinny and some are too bulky. The massage chair is designed on the basis of this fact to be adjustable by every body shape. It has the ability to cover every intensity. Moreover, people of different ages or any health diseases can easily use it. People having a spinal injury, or any other muscle problem can get rid of their therapist to whom they have to visit daily. You can get much relaxing therapy at home without anyone’s aid. It’s an amazing product.

AI Voice Command:

For the chair to be operated properly, you don’t need to change the adjustments every time. Nor did you need any remote controller to give it the commands. It has a built-in Bluetooth system. The features are controlled by your voice. AI technologies have inserted the voice recognition feature. You can give commands by calling Alice. Alice is your personal trainer; all-time active, you will be getting with this package. Alice is able to understand 17 different commands; you can learn very easily.

Convenient to use:

The feature which literally costs much is the leniency it provides to its users. The chair is altogether a blend of technologies. It comes with all the adjustments except the foot massager. Which is super easy to attach. The features are too easy to understand. And like typical massage chairs, you don’t need to spend days learning its feature. Built-in Bluetooth helps in connectivity. The voice controller AI system is super cool. Overall, all the features collectively make it a spectacular and expensive massage chair

Full body massage:

This is what you are paying much for. You can undergo the full body massage simultaneously. The Z-smart “S and L features” assists in massaging your back, lower back, and extend to thigs. The massage is awesome and the intensity can be controlled. The upper body is amazingly supported against the chair. The therapy involves a complete massage of your neck and shoulder muscles. It can massage from your head to toe. Even for the foot massage, there are sockets for that. You can put your foot into the foot pods and it gently kneads every node of your foot. The foot rollers pivoted in the sockets can beat the real hand massage. It is awesome because it provides a deep tissue massage. The feature that is not seen in the former massage chair. It is much better than the typical massage chairs because of its relief-giving feature to the patients also.

Providing a safe environment:

During your massage, it makes sores no external distractions. It has an O2 lonizer that helps in the purification of odor in the environment. It maintains a safe and secure environment to breathe. Also, purify the air around you and also release the fresh air from the lonizer to give you a fresh massage.

Massage modes:

You can enjoy different modes of massage covering each and every area of your body. The airbags technology is awesome in covering every body part. Once you sit in the chair, the massage bags will be adjusted according to the size of your body. The hand massage technology will automatically fit your spine.; giving a relaxed therapy overall. The S-shaped roller with 5 different modes of adjustments gives the back a relaxed ever therapy. This is controllable for patients suffering from severe spinal cord injury. It has five modes of kneading level starting from slow to ultra-fast. You can adjust according to your convenience. The whole chair covers 60 airbags that gently massage every body part from your spine to toe.

The massage chair has the feature to memorize your systematic adjustments of each day. You can access anyone anytime. This is because of the built-in memory feature. The LED lights operate in the chair make It more attractive and beautiful. The chair covers much less of your space. It is designed to take less space. The built-in blue tooth feature can help you connect your devices easily. Altogether, the massage chair has ultra AI technologies along with all the marvelous features everyone is looking for. The features which make it really an expensive chair.

The Z-smart massage chair is equipped with airbags, rollers, and voice control feature that help your body to gain a relaxed ever massage. All you can do is to learn the most basic feature, not difficult to learn, and start your own therapy at home.


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