10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Workaholic in Your Life

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Workaholic in Your Life

The holiday season is fast approaching. Sadly, not everyone has time to spend away from their work to show appreciation for their friends or family. If you know someone who’s constantly in their work mindset, then your loved one is a workaholic. Fortunately, there are ways to help. Consider these ten holiday gift ideas for the workaholic in your life to help them relax, engage in some self-care, or just have a more balanced work life.

Herbal Tea Set

One of the best ways to relax is with a warm cup of herbal tea. The refreshing tingles, fruity notes, and warmth of the mug put the brain and body at ease. If you know someone who appreciates fine tea, get them an herbal tea set with a new mug, tea kettle, and a selection of premium exotic tea bags. They may even share some of the goodies with you.

Bathtub Tray

Another neat idea is to gift them a new bathtub tray. Bathtub trays may seem like a novelty item, but your loved one will appreciate it more than you know. Bathtub trays are exactly as their name implies: handcrafted wooden or high-density polyethylene trays made to fit on the rims of the bathtub. Many feature cup holders, tablet or device slots, and space for snacks or other items. That way, your friend, spouse, or family member can enjoy a relaxing beverage of choice while streaming their favorite show or movie—all in the comfort of a warm bubble bath.

Journal or Diary

Journaling is one of the healthiest ways to release grievances without harming yourself or others. Therefore, why not gift your workaholic a new journal or diary? This allows them to write down any troubles they have at work. Alternatively, if they’re stuck on a work project, they can note ideas and work towards a solution. Sometimes, writing down thoughts and feelings allows the brain to register information differently.

Scented Candles

Many people gain satisfaction through their olfactory senses. The scent of smell is a powerful device. Another neat idea to help workaholics relax is with a scented candle. Many candle companies offer a wide selection of scents tailored to individual preferences. There are even uncommon scents, like whiskey or ale for men, as well as floral, oceanic, or lavender for women. Really, scents aren’t gendered, and anyone will appreciate a fragrant candle.

Essential Oils

Likewise, consider essential oils. Essential oils are similar to scented candles in that they provide satisfying scents to homeowners. Basically, essential oils are concentrated volatile plant oils. They vaporize through an oil diffuser to provide aromatherapy. With various scents available, the diffuser acts to help people relax and reduce tension.

Skincare Kit

Another one of the ten holiday gift ideas for the workaholic in your life is a skincare kit. Skincare has become a thriving hobby for men and women alike. Today, more people care about their skin, hair, and body across all demographics. A basic skincare kit may be just what your loved one needs to help them feel at ease from the stress in their work life. Best of all, skincare can help reduce wrinkles, baggy eyes, and other unwanted side effects often caused by stress and anxiety.

Massage Gun

It doesn’t matter if your loved one is an athlete or just bearing the weight of their work life. A massage gun may be just what they need to help them decompress after a long day. Massage guns are portable, easy to use, and feature a diverse collection of massager heads and settings to provide exceptional muscle-penetrating vibrations. You can use them on all muscle groups for only a couple of minutes at a time to see beneficial results.


If you know someone who travels frequently, luggage is a suitable gift option. Luggage used to be a common gift for travelers. While travel may not be as widespread in current times, people still travel, especially for business ventures. Consider a luggage set or individual pieces that your loved one will use. You can find luggage with wheels, handles, and different sizes, such as carry-ons, depending on their needs or preferences. New luggage is also a good incentive for them to take a much-needed vacation. Ultimately, luggage is one less thing they need to worry about as a frequent flyer.


As an adult, you appreciate clothes more than you did as a child. Whether it’s new socks, shirts, pants, or even nightwear, fine-quality clothes go a long way. This is especially true for workaholics who need business-appropriate workwear on a constant basis. Don’t be afraid to gift new button-up shirts, pants, or shoes and accessories to impress the workaholic in your life. Clothes are practical gift options, especially if they’re stylish, comfortable, and form-fitting.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Finally, some people just need that extra jolt of caffeine in the morning. A single-serving coffee maker is a wonderful gift idea for those living alone or who want the extra convenience of not brewing multiple-serving pots. With the popularity of pod coffee, you can even throw in some of their favorite coffee roasters, so they’re set for their busy mornings. If you’re feeling extra generous, consider gifting them a new mug or a travel mug. That way, they have the perfect serving vessel to drink their coffee at home or on the go.

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Workaholic in Your Life

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