Are Massage Chairs Good After a Workout?

Are Massage Chairs Good After a Workout?

Getting a post-workout massage is quite healthy; it helps to relax the muscles by reducing muscle soreness and stiffness. In this article we will explore how different massage tools can help you with different types of exercise.

First we start with the benefits of using massage chairs are not just limited to chronic pains; many experts believe that getting a massage after a hectic work speed up the natural recovery and relaxation process. Moreover; you can also increase your muscular strength and performance with post-workout massage sessions as it increases the blood flow to the muscles to prevent muscle fatigue.

However; to help you understand the actual benefits of massage chairs after a workout, here are some of the key benefits of getting massage daily.

Are Massage Chair Good After a Workout

Some Good Reasons to Use Massage Chairs After Workout

Promotes Relaxation:

We have also discussed earlier that massage chairs provide deep relaxation to the muscles with regular use, especially after a hectic workout. It helps to reduce the workout stress immediately and as a result, several feel-good hormones such as endorphin and dopamine are released to reduce the overall mental and physical stress. If you get tired quickly just after a short workout session, then you must use a massage chair on regular basis to increase overall stamina and muscular strength.

Improves Post-Workout Recovery:

There is a natural recovery process in our body that automatically starts whenever our muscles become stiff or damaged due to a hectic workout. However; a massage chair can help to speed up that recovery process by reducing the production of cytokines, it's a chemical that plays a very crucial role in inflammation. If you have frequent muscular problems just after a workout such as muscle soreness, muscle stiffness, or chronic pains, then you must follow the habit of using a massage chair just after a workout. It will help you to effectively deal with these problems naturally.

Helps with Back Pain:

Back pain is very common in many people, especially after a workout session. By using a massage chair after workout, you can deal with these annoying pains as a massage chair promotes healthy blood flow in the lower back. Due to muscular overuse, these types of chronic pains are pretty common and there is no need to take any oral supplement or medication for it, even a simple massage chair can effectively deal with this problem in a matter of few days.

Boosts Immunity:

Immunity is very important; it helps our body to fight against infections, diseases, and most importantly inflammation. Most of the post-workout pains are a result of muscular inflammation due to any injury or overuse, a massage chair can help you to boost your immunity levels. With increased immunity levels, your body can effectively fight back inflammation. Harvard university research on boost immunity system.

A massage chair is an excellent option to deal with routine muscular pains and body stress. If you have recently purchased a massage chair, we will recommend you to start using it on daily basis, the results might take longer than a week to show. Don't forget to be consistent with massage therapy sessions especially after workouts.

How Massage Guns Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

Asl you know exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re an athlete, an everyday gym goer, or someone who likes to run outside, it’s important to exercise consistently to maintain a healthy weight and good physical and mental health. Recovery is just as important for people with athletic lifestyles, and with such healthy habits, it’s no surprise you’ll need the right recovery tools to stay active. Massage guns come in handy for that exact purpose. If you’re wondering how massage guns can improve your athletic performance, check out this guide for more information. You’ll see performance tips, recovery tips, and other considerations to show that massage guns aren’t just a fun way to keep yourself healthy. They’re a crucial tool for athletic recovery.

Greater Range of Motion

Massage guns provide a lot of benefits to users. One of which is improving flexibility and range of motion for athletes. Whether you’re stiff, sore, or achy, massage guns can help bring you back to your old self. Strenuous activities, like weightlifting or running, are healthy for the mind and body. These activities can damage muscles, joints, and tendons if done incorrectly or too frequently without sufficient rest. Sore muscles stiffen up and can create knots or bundles over time. These bundles of tissue constrict your range of motion. If left untreated, they can become so severe that even stretching fails to mitigate the issue. Therefore, a massage gun comes in handy to alleviate these knots and reduce tension in the body.

Pain Relief

Massage guns are great for pain relief. Working out releases endorphins that make you feel good. Still, aerobic and anaerobic activities can lead to slight pains even with the most diligent form. Naturally, you should see a doctor for any serious or life-threatening injuries. However, if you have persistent minor aches and pains in certain areas, a massage gun can help alleviate this discomfort. More so, a massage gun eliminates the need for a professional massage therapist. You’ll save money and reduce internal complications.

Cost Efficient

Speaking of costs, you save a considerable amount more money with a massage gun than with a massage therapist. Sports or health massages are costly. You pay massage therapists for half-hour, hour, or hour-and-a-half sessions each time. Some people go once a week while others go once a month. Still, these are additional expenses to keep in mind. The convenience of a massage gun means you don’t pay additional fees for individual sessions. The one-time cost of a massage gun means you own it for the rest of its life. You now have the freedom and capability to get a massage from your own hand. You can ask a friend, family member, or partner to use the massage gun on your stubborn knots or hard-to-reach areas.

Supports Muscle Growth

Another way massage guns can improve athletic performance is that they support muscle growth. As you work out, your muscle fibers tear. A common example is weightlifting, given the strain on the muscle fibers from heavy-weighted movements. Using a massage gun following your workout reduces soreness in the area and promotes muscle growth. The massage techniques reduce inflammation and tension. Physical activity causes lactic acid to build up in the muscles, often resulting in the “pumped up” feeling many athletes experience. However, following a cool-down period, your muscles become sore and fatigued. A massage gun stimulates muscle contractions and strengthens these fibers, encouraging them to mend and feel less sore. Combined with a regimented exercise or sports routine, daily massage gun use can strengthen muscles, so you won’t experience intense soreness. Instead, you’ll have enough physical stamina and endurance for days ahead.

Active Recovery

Massage guns are a form of active recovery. You may have read about this type of rest, but if not, active recovery refers to the period of rest in which you’re still provoking the mind and body. Unlike a complete rest day in which you do nothing, active recovery reduces unwanted side effects, like muscle aches, muscle spasms, and inflammation. Some forms of active recovery include stretching, light cardio, and massages. A massage gun stimulates muscle fibers even on your off-hours so that your body remains active and promotes cell rejuvenation, muscle growth, and immune support.


A neat consideration to keep in mind is massage guns are customizable. When you purchase any type of massage gun, it should come with multiple head attachments, like a ball, cone, or U-shaped attachment. These massager heads target different areas of the body to provide the most relief and comfort. For instance, ball-shaped heads are great for deep tissue relief, whereas cones target pressure points. This allows for greater versatility that the average set of hands may not accomplish.

Easy To Use

Finally, massage guns are simple to use. Keep in mind there are several types of massage guns available, but many have a portable style with hand-held configurations, making them easier to grasp by yourself. It helps to have someone take over, too. Nevertheless, massage guns are convenient, maneuverable, and portable. If you’re traveling and need a quick, spontaneous massage, simply pack your massage gun in its portable case and take it with you! There are endless reasons to choose a massage gun as your at-home recovery tool. These are just some to make you stop and think about the best ways to perform at-home self-massages with an easy-to-use, affordable, and versatile device.

If you’re in the market for a muscle gun massager, you’re in luck! Zarifa USA offers exceptional massage guns at discounted rates so you can get the most benefits for your wallet. Whether you need instant relief or something dependable for long-term rejuvenation, we have it all. Our massage guns are also HSA/FSA compliant! Our massage guns have smart touch capability with quiet motors and a health/smart chip. Call now with any questions or concerns, and we’re happy to answer them. Many people turn to our products because they’re perfect for sports performance, everyday activities, pain relief, and some of the best on the market. Order now!

How Massage Guns Can Improve Your Athletic Performance



Running Injuries: Simple Tips for Preventing Them

Unfortunately, injuries are common in runners. While they range from blisters to stress fractures, each could be preventable. Remember these simple tips for preventing running injuries so you’ll always be moving forward.

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes

Many running mishaps happen because you aren’t wearing the appropriate footwear. Experienced runners know how critical their shoes are, but inexperienced runners might grab the first pair of shoes in their closet.

Tennis or basketball shoes aren’t conducive to running. Those shoes protect your ankles and allow for lateral movement. You’re only going one direction while running—and that’s forward. Find a pair of snug running shoes that allow movement of your toes. Don’t forget to include top-notch running socks with your shoes for the ultimate run.

One last thing to remember about your shoes is they all have lifespans. You won’t be able to pull a Forrest Gump and run cross-country in one pair of shoes. Your best bet is to replace them before you surpass 600 miles.

Build Your Endurance Gradually

You might have lofty aspirations of running a 5K or a half-marathon after picking up the hobby for a few weeks. While it’s great to set goals, it’s impractical to think your body can withstand the rigors of an endurance race without proper training.

Build your endurance gradually to ensure you don’t overextend yourself. Start your running regimen with a slight jog, gradually increasing the distance each time. Your body won’t go into shock with incremental changes. Similarly, you should do the same regarding the intensity of your runs. Don’t try and do both simultaneously. Focus on distance for one week and use the following week for intensity.

Stretch Before and After Exercise

Strengthening your legs and the rest of your body is paramount for becoming a serious runner. Yet, stretching may have the biggest impact. The more limber your body, the less injury-prone you become because your range of motion will greatly improve. Stretching before and after each run would be best. Otherwise, your muscles will stiffen, leading to painful strains and tears. Loosening up your body also allows you to practice good form while running, which could minimize your injury risk.

Don’t Ignore What Your Body Is Telling You

Listening to your body is the most important thing you can do to prevent a catastrophic injury. Don’t push yourself past your limits if your legs don’t want to cooperate. Every premier athlete takes rest days to rejuvenate their body, so you can do the same when your body is barking at you. Roughing through it will be the same old listless slog. With adequate rest, you can reach new PRs.

These simple tips for preventing running injuries keep you from sitting on the sidelines and getting cabin fever. Zarifa USA wants you out there and running to your heart’s content with the help of our HSA-eligible foot massager. Our ergonomically designed massage will get all the kinks out of your feet for a painless run. You won’t have to spend a dime out-of-pocket if you have the money in your HSA account!

Foot Massagers For Runners

There are several reasons a runner could experience foot problems after a run. While some foot discomfort results from an injury, other pain may be brought on by poor running form or inappropriate footwear. Consistent treatment can lessen or even eliminate foot discomfort, pain, or other symptoms. Whether you are suffering from overpronation, poor gait, decreased hip strength, or inappropriate footwear, you can find a solution.

Most runners will tell you that foot injuries are one of the most common problems they face. Metatarsalgia, fat pad syndrome, posterior compartment syndrome, stress fracture, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis, and bunions are some common runners' injuries.

The impact of each stride puts much stress on the bones and joints in the feet, which can lead to pain and inflammation. Additionally, runners often wear ill-fitting shoes or fail to properly stretch before a run, which can contribute to foot injuries.

That's why a good foot massager can be such a lifesaver. After a hard run, using a foot massager can be an excellent way to unwind. It's an affordable way to get the benefits of a professional massage without having to go to a spa. If you're serious about running, a foot massager is worth the investment.

Why a foot massage for runners?

Running demands constant, repeating muscular contractions. Muscle fibers must shorten as a result to produce more force. We can run farther and faster thanks to these prolonged, repeating muscle contractions. That explains why more training can increase a runner's speed, power, and distance. However, this may also result in loss of joint range of motion, muscle shortening, muscle tightening, and reduced blood flow to compressed tissues. Massage lengthens muscles, releases tension, improves circulation, and restores joint range of motion.

Our feet endure daily labor and stress, especially when running. Despite this, they are frequently the most under-appreciated component of our bodies. Feet also receive less blood circulation than other body parts due to their distance from the heart. One of the finest solutions to these problems is a foot massage, which eases muscle tension and enhances blood flow.

Additionally, stimulating pressure points in your foot can treat various illnesses. Foot massage has been used for many years and in various cultures (including India, China, and Egypt) to treat various health issues including anxiety, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and many other running-related conditions (Chatchawan, Jarasrungsichol, and Yamauchi, 2020). Even contemporary medical practices and academic research have supported reflexology for runners.

In foot reflexology sessions, pressure is applied to acupressure sites on the foot. These acupressure sites are the end points of specific nerves related to critical organs. Our body automatically stimulates these nerve sites to heal, recover, build stamina, stay healthy, and prepare for the next challenge. Isn't that incredible?

Foot massager for runners

What is a foot massager?

Any runner can attest to the benefits of a massage before and after a run. With a foot massager, it will be like you have your own little massage therapist in the comfort of your home. Foot massagers are enjoyable to use and encourage overall relaxation and well-being. Of course, they are also known to soothe painful muscles, boost blood circulation, and aid with ailments like plantar fasciitis. You may reduce or eliminate foot discomfort in only 15 to 30 minutes, keeping you healthy and prepared for the next run.

Check out this Z Smart Foot Massager (HSA/FSA Eligible) review by Tim Fraticelli

What to look for in a foot massager

Most individuals cannot tell a low-quality foot massager from an average one. There are just so many foot massagers on the market. Most of them resemble one another, making it challenging to distinguish the best ones. Regardless of what others may claim, these are the five most important factors you need to take into account when purchasing a foot massager.

Weight and size

Weight and size are crucial. The best foot massagers should be compatible with your house. Moving and storing it around the house should be simple. For people who use foot massagers in one area of the home, heavy models are excellent. If you intend to move it around frequently, a lightweight foot massager is better.

The massager's foot size opening is another crucial factor to take into account. You need a foot massager that will suit your feet perfectly. Your feet should fit pleasantly into the device. Your heels should make contact with the massage nodes.

Features and massage modes

Different functions are available in different foot massagers. Check to see if they are simple to use and adjust. 

Some features may be more beneficial to you than others. Therefore, look through the features and specs before making a purchase. See whether they meet your requirements.

Listed below are the top characteristics of high-end foot massagers. Each feature has advantages of its own. All can make you feel calm, but not all can take away your pain or soreness. Choose accordingly.

Easy to clean

Our leg and foot massager has a removable cover for simple cleaning. Unzip the fabric inserts, take them off, then quickly clean the leather cover with a dry microfiber towel. The inserts may be washed by hand or in a washing machine.

Cushion surface

Most massagers feature cushion surfaces for your feet. Typically, they are made from flexible plastic or soft foam that has been pumped with gel. Their purpose is to make massages more comfortable. Find cushioned surfaces that fit your feet. You'll have a better experience as a result. 


Typically, foot massagers offer two to three speeds. For a personalized message, you can adjust the speeds to your preference. We advise testing each speed setting and function. Find the settings that feel most comfortable and effective. Otherwise, you risk bringing home a massager that is either too powerful or too weak for you.

Make sure the foot placements have cushioning or are non-slip before purchasing a foot massager with variable speeds. These are found at the massager's base. They are there to prevent foot slippage at various speeds.

Control options

Controls are often located near the device's body. You'll need to reach for it each time you want to make modifications. Some consider this to be a hassle. If you agree, go for massagers with remote or toe-touch controls.

You can control the device using toe-touch controls by simply pushing the button with your toe. There's no need to stoop. The most excellent massagers have remote controls. You can adjust the settings without shifting positions. However, we must admit that these models are more expensive.

Heating function

Heat treatment reduces foot discomfort. The heat from a foot massager also enhances its therapeutic effects. Because of this, several new foot massagers have a heat function.

Your foot will receive precise heating in targeted places. For example, the bottom or the top of the foot and ankle might be affected. Find a massager that heats your desired areas if you want a heating feature.

Therapy inducing values

Two of the key motives for purchasing foot massagers are relief and relaxation. Unfortunately, it is challenging to quantify both of these objectively. An all-day standing nurse could give a foot massager a try and fall in love. The same foot massager, however, can be too harsh for someone whose feet tend to itch.

So how can you make the most incredible foot massager selection? In any case, we should be aware of the therapeutic benefits that foot massagers offer in addition to ease and relaxation. The different popular varieties of foot massagers are available now. They provide many forms of comfort, unwinding, health advantages, and therapeutic benefits.

You can comfort your dry feet with several massagers. Some will scrape the delicate tissues. The others will care for and nurture your feet in the meanwhile. It all depends on what you require.


The most excellent foot massagers are constructed from premium components. Avoid being seduced by purchasing cheap foot massagers that have appealing designs. Make sure to do a thorough search. Look at the foot massagers' design and construction. Research where the electricity comes from, what materials it contains, and the history of the brand.

A warranty is always a good sign. It indicates that the maker is confident in its ability to function and longevity. Most foot massagers, but not all, offer one-year warranties. Find out the product's warranty details before you purchase it. Try searching the company's or manufacturer's website if you can't find it right away.

Customer feedback and reviews 

It's simpler than ever to find out what other people think of a product nowadays. A quick Google search can lead you to hundreds of reviews. You'll know what others think, what the product's advantages are, what to anticipate, and much more. Many individuals provide intelligent remarks in review areas that can help with your decision.

Best Foot Massagers for Runners

If you don't know where to start, check out these two high-quality foot massages.

1. Z Smart Foot Massager

    Key features:

  • Z-smart technology
  • Heated massage rollers: Heating penetrates deep through the soles of the feet for complete comfort.
  • Three distinct massage-therapy modes
  • Vibrating massage rollers
  • Washable feet cover
  • Multiple intensities
  • Touch button interface
  • FSA & HSA-eligibility
  • FDA-approved


2: Z Smart Foot Massager Plus

    Key features:

  • Massages the feet, ankles, and calves
  • Hinge-back feature massages the knees and thighs as well
  • Programs for compression, shiatsu, and heat treatment
  • Massages in many directions
  • Easy-wash liner
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Handle and wheels for simple transportation
  • Air-bag compression system and massage rollers
  • FSA & HSA-eligibility
  • FDA-approved


Therapy modes in Zarifa USA foot massagers

Refresh: This mode uses rollers that vibrate, compress, and knead. The vibration and kneading rollers operate sporadically.

Relax: This mode only uses vibration and compression. The vibration only operates sometimes.

Care: This mode uses kneading balls, compression, and vibration. The kneading and vibration continue indefinitely.

Pushing the "Mode" button cycles through the massages one at a time. Each massage mode has a separate indicator light that illuminates when that option is chosen.

Our products have all the modern and advanced features. 

Benefits of foot massagers for runners

Specialists, experts, and medical professionals all suggest foot massagers as a beneficial therapy for runners. Foot massagers for runners have several advantages and treat a variety of medical conditions. Let's explore their benefits for runners.

Improve circulation

Even though they constantly run and exercise, runners may have poor blood circulation in their feet. By warming up the muscles in your feet, a foot massager helps to send more blood to your feet (Çankaya and Saritaş 2018).

Reduce neuropathy

Runners sometimes experience neuropathy for a variety of reasons. Foot massagers can reduce sensations of tingling or numbness in the feet due to neuropathy (Fu et al. 2020).

Relieve aches and pains

Aches and pains in the calves and feet can be severe for experienced long-distance runners, amateur sprinters, and everyone in between. By releasing the muscles, a decent foot massager relieves your feet of all these aches and pains.

Treat bunions

Bunions are another source of persistent foot discomfort. They occur when bones in your foot slip out of alignment. To relieve these discomforts and calm your feet, try using a foot massager.

Aid post-surgery recovery

Mobility may be limited for a few days to a few months following any operation (Hattan, King, and Griffiths 2002). A foot massager can help speed up the healing process. Additionally, it might lessen the adverse effects of surgery. Consult your doctor to make sure a foot massager is safe for you after surgery.

Repair damage and heal injuries

Feet and ankle injuries are very common among runners. However, such injuries might cause pain for months. Some could even make you stop running altogether!

Fortunately, a foot massager helps hasten the healing process. Even if you are unable to run due to an injury, your muscles still require stimulation to fully recover. A massager may provide just that. Additionally, it enhances your blood circulation which helps deliver nutrients to the injured area.

Prevent edema, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis

Edema is the swelling in the feet and ankles caused by fluid retention. The effects of edema can be lessened with regular use of our Med-Fit Foot Massager. Pregnant women, extreme runners, people who have allergies, and people with infections often experience this condition. A foot massager stimulates your foot muscles and relieves stiffness and soreness in the ankles and heels.

People with flat feet may be exposed to weight-bearing activities more frequently, resulting in foot deformities and bone stress injuries. Myofascial release techniques can improve circulation to promote healing and release the connective tissue surrounding the foot to encourage better foot form (Bac et al. 2022).

According to research, foot massagers are a must-have item for people who spend their days on their feet. They effectively treat plantar fasciitis, a condition usually caused by stressful long runs (Yelverton, Rama, and Zipfel 2019).

foot massager

Is it worth investing in a foot massager?

Running may be physically and psychologically taxing. An excellent foot massager reduces discomfort and enhances both your physical and emotional well-being. After each run, you should take the best possible care of your feet. For these reasons and all the reasons discussed in this article, investing in the best foot massager is worthwhile.

Runners can enhance their performance and minimize the risk of injury by using a foot massager. A foot massager helps improve circulation which keeps your muscles energized and flexible (Chatchawan, Jarasrungsichol, and Yamauchi 2020). It can also help massage away any lactic acid build-up which can cause muscle fatigue (Moraska 2011).

Foot massagers are an excellent course of action to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and tension, and improve overall health. Foot massagers are available in a broad range of shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Wait! Doctors still exist.

When you are looking for a foot massager, there are a few things that you need to take into account to make sure you get the best possible product for your needs.

The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your doctor and make sure that they approve of you using a foot massager. If they have any concerns, then you will need to address those before moving forward.

If you have a serious medical condition that could get worse, do consult a doctor. Don't use a foot massager on open wounds. If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before you use a foot massager.

So, you have approval! What now?

Once you have a doctor's approval, you can start looking at different products and comparing them. Look at things like price, features, and reviews to make the best decision possible. Once you find the perfect foot massager for your needs, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with it.

Choosing the best foot massager for you might be challenging because so many different models are available. Let us know if you'd like information on how our team can help you find the best foot massager for you.

No matter what type of foot massager you choose, you're sure to find one that provides the relief you need. So, don't wait any longer. Get a foot massager today!

All Zarifa USA products are HSA and FSA-eligible. This means you can contribute your health savings funds towards the purchase of any of our products!


Who should use a foot massager?

Many people can benefit from using a foot massager, including pregnant women, those recovering from surgery or an injury, people dealing with depression, cancer patients, and people with diabetes or circulatory problems (Ren et al. 2021). People with hypertension, people struggling with sleep disorders, and athletes can get excellent results. Last but not least, some people just want to relax and live a luxurious life. Foot massagers are good for almost anyone. 

Should I run before or after a massage?

If you are looking for a relaxing, low-intensity workout, then you may want to consider running before your massage. Your muscles will be more relaxed and receptive to the deep tissue work of the massage. Conversely, if you're seeking a more energizing and intense workout, then you may want to wait until after your massage. The massage will help to release any knots or tension in your muscles, making it easier for you to move through your strides. 

Are foot massagers safe?

According to most experts, foot massagers are generally safe to use. Always read the instructions carefully before using any type of massager. One possible hazard is excessive foot massager use which can cause skin irritation or bruises.

Consult your doctor, if you had a recent operation or if you suffer from diabetes or another disease that impairs blood flow. If you have any open wounds on your feet, it is best to avoid using a massager until the scars have healed.

Are foot massagers good for you?

It is well-known that foot massagers are good for you. They help to improve circulation, relieve pain, and reduce stress. However, there are many different types of foot massagers on the market. Look for one that includes a heat function. The heat helps to improve circulation and relax muscles, making it easier for the massager to work its magic. In addition, look for a massager with multiple settings so that you can customize the intensity to your liking.

Do runners need a massage?

There is evidence that massages can help to improve recovery after a run. One study found that runners who received a post-run massage had less muscle soreness and stiffness than those who did not (Davis, Alabed, and Chico 2020). For many athletes, a post-workout massage is an essential part of their recovery routine. This applies to runners. Runners put a lot of stress on their muscles. A massage can provide several benefits for runners of all levels. It's an excellent way to improve your overall performance.

Are electric foot massagers good for you?

An electric foot massager is a great way to get a massage. Most have several different massage modes and settings so you can customize your experience. An electric foot massager can improve whole-body blood flow. As a result, foot massagers can reduce edema and inflammation.

As you can see there are many needs for massage products to help you recover ,improve your athletic abilities and health.  


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