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Are Massage Chairs Good For Scoliosis ?

June 18, 2022 7 min read

If you have scoliosis, you know that finding comfortable seating can be a challenge.You may have wondered if massage chairs are good for scoliosis – and the answer is yes! Massage chairs can provide relief from some of the symptoms of scoliosis, such as pain and stiffness. 

This blog post will give you an overview of how massage chairs can help people with scoliosis, as well as some tips on choosing the right chair for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Scoliosis ?

Scoliosis is a medical condition that causes the spine to curve sideways. It most often affects people in their late childhood and early teenage years. It is more common among girls than boys. 

Normally, your spine has a gentle S-shaped curve  when viewed from the side. It bends in forward and backward directions (towards your stomach and your back) at three main points: your neck, chest, and lower back. It gives your spine strength and flexibility and allows even distribution of weight across your upper body. 

But  in people with scoliosis, the spine bends sideways, i.e., towards your right or left arm. Scoliosis spine can also have s-shaped  when viewed from the back

The angle of scoliosis can be small, moderate, or large, but  more than a 10-degree bend in your vertebral spine indicates scoliosis

Causes and Risk Factors of Scoliosis : 

Scoliosis is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However,  data from AANS shows thatno obvious cause is identified in 80% of scoliosis cases.

Some of the known risk factors of scoliosis include: 

  • Family History: If your parents or any other close family member has/had scoliosis, you have a higher risk of developing the condition.
  • Birth Defects: Spinal abnormalities present at birth can lead to scoliosis.
  • Muscular Dystrophy: This group of inherited conditions weaken the muscles and impacts the nervous system.
  • Neurofibromatosis: This disorder causes tumors to grow on the nerves.
  • Cerebral palsy: This is a condition that affects muscle movement and coordination.

Symptoms of Scoliosis : 

Thesymptoms associated with scoliosis may vary depending on its severity (the angle of scoliosis). Some common symptoms of scoliosis include: 

  • Uneven shoulders (one shoulder blade sticks out more than the other)
  • One rib cage is higher than the other
  • Uneven waistline (one hip appears higher than the other)
  • One leg appears shorter than the other 
  • Back pain
  • Stiffness in the back
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Difficulty breathing

In severe cases of scoliosis, the ribs may press on the lungs, making it difficult to breathe. In such cases, scoliosis can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must see a doctor for a diagnosis.

How Massage Chairs Help Relieve Symptoms Of Scoliosis 

Massage chairs are a great way to relieve some symptoms of scoliosis, such as pain and stiffness. Massage chairs can also resolve postural problems in scoliosis patients. 

In general, massage therapy with massage chairs offers several benefits for people with scoliosis, such as:

Relieve Back Pain : 

Scoliosis patients suffer from severe back pain because of the unnatural curve in their spine. A study suggests thatmassage therapy can effectively lower back pain and improve flexibility in scoliosis patients. 

Modern massage chairs have in-built kneading massage balls and airbags that target specific points on your back. This helps relieve muscle tension, which can lead to pain relief. Some massage chairs have special features, such as heat therapy and lumbar support, that can improve back pain relief.

Arandomized controlled trial compared the effectiveness of physiotherapy and massage therapy in relieving back pain. Researchers found that massage therapy was more effective than physiotherapy in relieving back pain.

Anotherstudy concluded that a combination of massage and exercise is more effective in relieving back pain than either massage or exercise alone. Massage chairs offer a convenient way to get regular massage therapy and can help relieve scoliosis-related back pain.

Additionally, massage chairs also come with heat therapy. Heat is known to relax muscles and ease the pain. So, combining massage with heat therapy can further help relieve back pain caused by scoliosis.

Release Muscle Tension and Stiffness : 

Muscle tension and stiffness are common in scoliosis patients. It aggravates the pain and makes it difficult to move. Massage chairs can help relieve muscle tension by targeting specific points on your back, neck, and shoulders. 

Massage therapy relieves muscle stiffness byincreasing the blood flow to your back muscles. The pressure applied on specific points pushes blood through congested areas, making way for fresh blood.  It relieves muscle tension and reduces inflammation.

Massage chairs come with different massage techniques, such as kneading andshiatsu massage, that can help release muscle tension. Massage chairs with kneading massage balls and airbags help loosen up the muscles and improve flexibility.

Some massage chairs also have a stretching function that can help relieve muscle stiffness. This is especially beneficial for scoliosis patients. 

Improves Posture and Movability : 

Scoliosis can cause postural problems, such as uneven shoulders and an uneven waistline. This can affect your mobility and make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Massage chairs can help improve your posture by correcting the alignment of your spine.  

Zarifa USA massage chairs have different features that can helpimprove your posture. For instance, some massage chairs come with a lumbar support feature that helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. Massage chairs with a heating function can also help improve posture by relaxing the muscles and relieving tension.

Massage chairs can also help improve your range of motion and flexibility. The stretching function in some massage chairs can help lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. Massage chairs with a kneading function can also help break up the knots in your muscles and improve the range of motion.

How To Choose The Best Massage Chair For Scoliosis

When investing in a massage chair for scoliosis, you need to consider specific factors that can help relieve scoliosis symptoms and improve your quality of life. Here are some unique features that make a massage chair the best therapy for scoliosis patients. 

Massage Chair for Scoliosis

Massage Techniques :

Different massage chairs come with different massage techniques. Massage chairs with a kneading function can help break up the knots in your muscles and improve blood circulation. It can also help relax the muscles and relieve tension.

Shiatsu massage chairs, on the other hand, come with airbags that provide a deep-tissue massage. This can help loosen up the muscles and improve flexibility. Massage chairs with stretching can also help lengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

When choosing a massage chair, make sure to pick one with massage techniques that can help relieve scoliosis symptoms.

Massage Rollers: 2D, 3D, or 4D

Next, you need to consider the massage roller to best suit your needs. There are three available options:2D, 3D and 4D rollers.

2D rollers are the oldest generation and massage by moving in two directions. They can move vertically (up/down along the back) or horizontally (side to side across the width of the back).

Second-generation 3D rollers can move in three directions. In addition to moving vertically and horizontally, they can protrude in and out. This additional dimension enables 3D rollers to provide a more human-like feel and deep tissue massage. 

4D rollersare the latest advancement and have all of the capabilities of 3D rollers with one additional feature. 4D rollers can also change their massage speed on the fly. This allows for a more customized and human-like massage experience as the user can control how fast or slow the rollers move.

So should you only choose massage chairs with 4D rollers?

Not necessarily. 2D rollers are not as exciting or innovative but provide a smooth riding experience. However, if you can afford it, 3D or 4D rollers are the way to go, as they offer a more customized and human-like massage.

It all comes down to the massage intensity you need. If you’re particularly looking for a high-intensity massage, buy a 3D or 4D massage chair. If massage intensity isn’t an issue for your taste, 2D will work fine.


S or L Roller Track

Once you’ve decided on the roller type, you need to decide on the massage chair's roller track. There are two options: S and L track.

S-track roller chairs massage along the natural S-shape of your spine, while L-track roller chairs massage from your neck down to your glutes and hamstrings.

L-track massage chairs work best for scoliosis as they can massage your lower spine and back muscles to relieve pain. However, they are slightly larger and more expensive than S-track chairs.

Consult Your Doctor

When choosing a massage chair for scoliosis, it’s best to consult your doctor first. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best features and functions that can help relieve scoliosis symptoms. They will also be able to guide you on how often you should use the massage chair.

Your Budget

Massage chairs can range in price, depending on the features and functions. However, some affordable options in the market come with features designed explicitly for scoliosis patients. When setting your budget, consider scoliosis patients' unique needs to get the most out of your investment.

Disclaimer Before Buying Massage Chair For Scoliosis

Before buying a massage chair for scoliosis, there are a few things to remember. Massage chairs can be beneficial for scoliosis patients but are not a cure. 

Massage chairs can help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life, but they will not fix the underlying problem. If you stop using the massage chair, your signs of scoliosis will return.

Massage chairs are also not a substitute for professional medical care. If you’re experiencing severe pain, consult your doctor immediately. Massage chairs should only be used as a complement to professional medical care, not as a replacement.

With that said, massage chairs can be a great way to relieve scoliosis symptoms and improve your quality of life. If you’re considering buying a massage chair for scoliosis, see our collection of best massage chairs here.

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