Yoga setting feature Massage chair

Yoga setting feature Massage chair

Massage chairs are, without doubt, one of the greatest inventions of the century. These unique devices come with multiple features that have brought a revolution in the world of fitness and health. These amazing features include 4D massage, Zero gravity, full-body air massages, Bluetooth pairing, leg and body scanning, and much more. Whether you’re suffering body pain, or just need to relax your body, a massage chair may be just what you need. Correct techniques for breathing and body part movement are essential for relieving body pain and stress.

When we talk about body movements and blood circulation, the first thing that comes to mind is Yoga. The best part is that modern massage chairs incorporate Yoga related massaging programs. If you want to know more about the yoga stretch massage chair, you will learn about it here. But first, let’s hear about the benefits of Yoga.

  1. Increase the body’s mobility and flexibility
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Improves body posture
  4. Helps in weight loss
  5. Reduces the risk of heart disease
  6. Improves quality of life

Stretching and Yoga Programs in Massage Chairs

After having discussed the benefits of Yoga, we bring you the combination of the Yoga stretching features with a massage chair on sale. The Yoga stretching feature offered by stretch massage chairs helps to stretch the stiff muscles and improves the flexibility of your body. This massage feels like a relaxing stretch after waking up or sitting in the same posture for a prolonged period. This isn’t just to be used in the morning, you can also use it easily in the night as well to relieve the stressed parts of your body. Because of the multiple-use and benefits of this special stretching and Yoga massage feature, we recommend you to take advantage of it.

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How Does Yoga Stretching Program Work?

The unique Yoga stretch program starts by reclining the back and then moving to stretch the abdominals and the back. The airbags of the massage chair will then inflate near your calves and shoulders, holding you in place tightly. The ottoman then settle down and create an arc in the body. Next, during your stretch, the back roller moves on your spine in an up and down motion. In most cases, massage chairs support stretch programs that work like this and keep the chair in motion throughout the entire massage program.

Best massage chair for yoga with stretching

  • Z smart massage chair plus

The Z-smart massage chair plus is a perfect choice for yoga stretching because it is equipped with multiple features like a full-body massage covering the hand, and the feet as well. The smart AI voice control allows users to control their massage with their voice. Z-smart massage chair supports 5 adjustable speeds for massaging, offering a perfect yoga stretch. The speed can also be adjusted as per your liking. The massage rollers cover all areas of the body like the back, legs, arms, and feet. 60 individual airbags gently massage your entire body for a perfect yoga stretch. The “S” and “L” shape of this massage chair covers the entire body for a relaxed yoga massage.

Yoga setting feature Massage chair
  • Z smart massage chair

The Zarifa, Z-smart massage chair is the ultimate way to relax your body with a yoga stretch. It offers a complete body massage with the 3D and 4D rollers, ensuring no part of the body is missed out. The infrared heating system further intensifies the massage, relieving the strain from your muscles. The massage rollers accurately massage all areas covering the arms, back, legs, and feet. It also supports 5 adjustment width-control levels, with S-shape rollers. Three massage memory modes can be set based on the intensity, speed, routine, etc., and then be saved.

Best Yoga setting feature Massage chair

Why exactly you should get a massage chair with the Yoga Feature?

Some studies have proven that the combination of yoga-stretch and a regular massage helps in keeping your bones and muscles flexible, thereby improving the quality of your massage. This happens as the blood circulation to your body is improved, helping to loosen your stiffened muscles and joints. The yoga-stretch feature of massage chairs is a popular feature especially if you want an intense massage. The massage chair’s airbags help get a tight grip, and a perfect squeeze to relax the tired muscles. Moreover, this massage technique helps to improve the range of motion and helps in achieving a better body posture. Since most of us are already aware, bringing Yoga and stretching into our lives is not just beneficial, but is also necessary. In our busy schedules, we don’t usually have enough time to drive to a yoga class or visit the therapist. Why not try out a massage chair to help deal with this issue? With a massage chair at home that supports a yoga feature, you don’t need to step out of your home to relax your tired muscles. Try a yoga massage at home with a massage chair!