Why is My Massage Gun Not Turning On? How to Fix a Massage Gun

Why My Massage Gun is not Turning On and how to fix it

A massage gun is a handheld rechargeable massaging device that administers percussion therapy. It can help you treat muscle knots and soreness daily.

Do you use a massage gun every day like many athletes and fitness influencers? Massage guns have become common these days with their countless benefits. If you are used to using a massage gun every day to relieve your muscle tension, increase your blood circulation, and improve your mobility, it can be frustrating and concerning when it suddenly stops working.

Why is My Massage Gun Not Turning On? How to Fix a Massage Gun


Colors: Red & Black  Weight: 2.2 lbs  Amplitude: 16 mm

Speed Setting: 20 presets  Battery Life: 300 min

Warranty: 3 years  Attachment Heads: 8


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You have checked it several times, but still, your massage gun won’t turn on. It’s disappointing and unfortunately, it’s also common. Many massage gun users encounter such a problem.

Troubleshooting your massage gun

Like any other product, massage guns come in various qualities and price ranges. Most of the massage gun brands offer at least a year warranty, the minimum time a massage gun should last if used properly per the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you have one that doesn’t work after weeks or months, that's not normal. Let’s discuss a few main reasons your massage gun won’t turn on and how you can avoid them. Before contacting the manufacturer, check the following items which could be the cause behind your massage gun not working. 

Check the power indicator

Check if your massage gun power indicator is turning on. Different brands offer different power features. Most massage guns require you to hold the power button for a few seconds to switch it on properly. Whereas, some devices require you to press the power button or move the power switch to the ON position to turn on the device properly.

A quick way to tell if most massage guns are on is their power light indicators. If you can't read the power indicator or don't know where it is, check the user manual to ensure you've turned it on properly. 

Is the battery charged?

Another good reason for your massage gun not turning on could be its battery level. Most massage guns have LED indicators that show the battery level of your massage chair.

Connect your massage gun’s battery charging port and plug the cable into the wall to start charging it. Check if the battery light pulsates, showing its battery level and active charging. Charge the device until it reaches full battery level. When fully charged, the LED lights should stop flashing and remain fully illuminated.

Additionally, check if you are using the supplied charger of your massage gun manufacturer with your device. Off-brand chargers might not be cohesive with the device. Once you've fully charged the device with the right charger, check to see if it turns on properly. 

Is it overused?

Excessive use for a prolonged period and extreme temperatures can cause your massage gun to stop working. Massage guns are equipped with rechargeable batteries. When you use it for a long period, the battery gets overheated which affects the device's performance.

Massage guns overheat quicker at high speeds and pressures. It can also get hot faster if you use it in a hot environment. Your massage gun might switch off automatically due to excessive use and overheating. In such cases, the device will not turn on instantly and will require time to cool down before it's switched on again.

Most massage guns support only an hour of continuous usage and require 30 minutes of rest to cool down before re-using. Check the device manufacturer's manual to see the usage limits.

How to avoid massage gun problems

The following are some proactive steps you can take to steer clear of future massage gun problems:

  1. Take care of your massage gun’s battery. Make sure it’s fully charged before using it.
  2. Don’t use your massage gun while it’s charging. If you are using the device while it’s plugged in, safety features might cause your massage gun to automatically turn off.
  3. The battery life of a massage gun varies from model to model. Use a high-quality massage gun that can provide up to six hours of usage.
  4. Keep the device turned off when you are not using it. This can help preserve the charge and avoid battery aging.
  5. Turn off your massage gun for at least 20-30 minutes between uses. This will help your massage gun cool down.

Issues such as a massage gun not turning on, battery draining, motor seizing, overheating, and more are mainly linked to cheaper models or generic brands. A high-end model or brand is expensive but can reduce the risk of encountering such problems.

Get a high-quality massage gun

Top-of-the-line massage gun brands like Zarifa USA are a better alternative for your current low-end massage gun. We have massage guns equipped with powerful motors, smart-health tracking technologies, overheat protection, and other safety protections. 

Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus

The Z-Smart Massage Gun Plus designed for athletes is your best option to relieve your sore muscles after an intense workout. It has 20 speeds, up to 3200 RPM, and 5-hour battery life. 

Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus

The Z-Smart Massage Gun Health Plus is designed to keep track of your health. Its Z-Tech Health Sensor can track calories burned, heart rate, and Temperature. It has 9 speeds, 60 lbs of stall force, 5-hour battery life, and more. 

Z-Smart Massage Gun Mini

The Z-Smart Mini Massage Gun features a small yet mighty frame, 4 included massage heads, USB-C charging, 5-speed settings, 60lbs of stall force, and more.


The bottom line

Any electric device has the potential for failure. Therefore, it’s important to know how to use your massage gun properly to avoid power issues and other glitches.

If you troubleshoot your massage gun and it still won't turn on, you should contact its manufacturer to seek their help. Don’t fix it yourself because most massage gun products are subjected to an authorized repair. If your device is still within the warranty period, you should get a free repair or free replacement. If you try to repair it yourself, you might void the product warranty.

Get a Zarifa USA massage gun, the ideal massaging solution for your daily life.

All Zarifa USA products are HSA and FSA-eligible. This means you can contribute your health savings funds towards the purchase of any of our products!

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