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Massage Gun for Shin Splints

Massage Gun for Shin Splints
Shin splints are a common complication among people who train excessively and don't follow vital care measures. Among the most frequently adopted treatments for shin splints are rest, self-care, ice, comfortable footwear, and workout routine changes. However, with the advent of technology, experts have developed another unique and highly effective solution: massage guns.
What are shin splints?
Shin splints are medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome. This syndrome causes pain along the prominent bone of the legs. Heavy activity and repetitive trauma typically cause this syndrome. It usually affects athletes, runners, and heavy lifters.
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Excessive load and tension on the tibia lead to pain in the bones and attached muscles. The etiology involves erosion of bone and affects the tendons and ligaments.
Causes of shin splints
Any activity that leads to repetitive stress or force on the shin bone and connective tissues can increase the risk of shin splints. Here are some of the most diagnosed causes of shin splints.
  • Pes planus or flat feet resulting from the collapse of the medial longitudinal arch
  • Uncomfortable footwear that fits poorly and lacks foot support 
  • Excessive workout without any warm-up sessions
  • Inflammation around the shin bone resulting from a mild fracture 
  • Weakness in the hip and core muscles
High risk for shin splints
The following types of people are more likely to be affected by medial tibial stress syndrome.
  • Runners
  • Those who experience a sharp increase in the intensity of exercise
  • People who consistently run or speed walk on an uneven path.
  • Those going through military training
Symptoms of shin splints
The following symptoms commonly appear in patients with medial tibial stress syndrome.
  • Soreness and tenderness along the side of the bone
  • Mild swelling and pain in the lower legs
Managing shin splints
Doctors usually give patients a well-tailored management plan according to the severity of their conditions. Most splints respond well to rest, ice, and other self-care. Using correct shoes and adjusting one's workout regimen can help avoid the recurrence of shin splints. The first steps include conservative management with some lifestyle modifications.
How to prevent shin splints
At-risk people can prevent shin splints by exercising some essential measures. The following practices will avoid extra tension on the tibias, femurs, and hip bones.
  • Test your range of motion.
  • Do not overexert force.
  • Pick the best shoes.
  • Protect the arch of your foot.
  • When buying shoes, look for insoles that resist shock.
  • Do strength conditioning of your muscles.

Massage therapy for shin splints

According to a Harvard Health Schoolstudy, massage therapy for pain has proven to be super effective. Subjects who received a sixty-minute massage therapy session two or three times a week for over a month experienced less chronic pain than subjects who received no massage. The control group also saw less recovery than the experimental group.

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Different massage techniques can relieve the leg tension and pain associated with shin splints. The deep tissues of the lower limbs are strongly correlated with shin splints. Therapeutic massage, myotherapy, or deep tissue massage are preferred over stretching. Practitioners can more easily separate and penetrate the deeper muscles with massage. 

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The causes of medial tibial stress syndrome are multifactorial. They include training errors and numerous physiological and anatomic anomalies. Some people are more likely to get this syndrome than others because of their particular tissue configuration. Substantial evidence in PubMed shows the effectiveness of massage therapy for pain relief. This applies to shin pain, as well.

Using a massage gun for shin splintsis an effective way to reduce the pain. Massage guns can alleviate the stress, tension, and damage associated with shin splints.

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How can massage guns help shin splints?

Massage gun mechanics produce rhythmic oscillations. Pressure and vibrations are transferred into the tissues through the gun. The rhythmic oscillations impart reparative energy into the muscle and underlying fascia. A massage gun for shin splints delivers fast pressure blasts into the muscle tissue as the head of the weapon fluctuates back and forth (hence the snap effect of massage guns). Massage guns allow athletes to gain strength and relief in the comfort of their homes while saving a lot of money.

Advantages of massage guns for shin splints

Massage treatment does not remove musculoskeletal pain altogether. However, it increases blood flow to muscle tissues, which may help decrease swelling and muscular discomfort. Massage guns for shin splintsare often used to warm up muscles before vigorous workouts.

Massage guns are safe to use. They do not harm human muscle or bone when used properly. They are programmed to only apply pressure the muscle can endure.

Oscillation therapyincreases physical strength, endurance, and kinesthetic sensitivity. It also reduces muscle soreness, improves range of motion, and enhances blood circulation under the skin. 

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Massage guns for shin splintsare not just easy to use, but also affordable. They are long-lasting and do not use much electricity or power. 

Patients sometimes complain about massage gun treatments. They say they do not like it and they find it awkward or irritating. Discomfort is usually caused by a medical disorder called vein loss and an elevated concentration of fluid within the calf muscles. It is rarely associated with the massage gun. For the average patient, massaging a painful leg will undoubtedly cause pain initially. However, this biomechanical technique can benefit you in the longer run.  

Cost of a massage gun for shin splints

Massage guns for shin splints are priced at about $400 to $1000, depending upon the system, steering, and smart technology. If you think about it, they are a one-time investment. They save you from having to travel to multiple $100 massage appointments. Furthermore, mildly stretching the lower legs with the vibration of a massage gun for shin splintsis much less painful than a traditional deep tissue massage. 

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Shin splints are a part of medial tibial stress syndrome. It is caused by repeated stress on your legs. The disturbed physiology leads to pain. Massage has been proved to be effective against sore muscles and painful bones. Research shows that pain decreased with massage gun use. In addition to providing pain relief, massage guns for shin splintsalso train leg muscles to endure long periods of tension in the future. They are very useful for strength training. 


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