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Faq's IQ Massagers

IQ massager works by sending different patterns of electronic impulses using massage pads to our muscles. In response to these impulses, our muscles contract and relax in a rhythmic manner. This contraction and relaxation of muscles create soothing massage sensations similar to the one given by a massage therapist.

Human Bio-Electric Emulation technology is used by IQ massagers these days. In the market you will find lots of electronic massagers using similar technology but the majority of these massagers only provide tapping sensation. Once the body gets used to a specific kind of sensation then it ultimately stops reacting to it.  In contrary to this, an IQ massager produces different kinds of massage sensations randomly so that the muscles always get a different feel every time.

First of all, you have to clean your skin before applying massage pads on it. In case the massage pads have become dirty then you need to wash them with clear water or rub them with alcohol. The massage pads can last for a couple of months depending upon the frequency of use. If you feel that the pads have lost their adhesiveness then it becomes difficult to use them again. If your massage pads have deteriorated then you need to buy new massage pads for yourself. You can also order them online. If you don't know how to use new pads then simply unsnap the button on the back of the pads and attach the new ones.

First of all, you have to ensure that the protective plastic covering has been removed from the massage pads. These massage pads are simply water activated so you have to dip your fingers in water and then rub each pad with water. Now the massage pads are ready for application onto your skin when they are in a wet state. For maximum effectiveness, you have to use new massage pads after one month. After each use, put the massage pads back into the storage tray to prevent them from drying up or getting dirty.

If you feel any kind of sensation from the pads then it means that the pads are not moist enough. These pads work better when they are moist and sticky. Before using these pads, put your fingers in the water and rub these pads with your fingers to make the pads wet. Now apply the pads on your skin as they are in the wet state. The pads need to be attached firmly with the skin. When the pads become worn out then they produce stinging sensations and it is a sign that your pads need to be replaced. Don't worry about the stinging sensations because your IQ massager is absolutely safe in this situation too.

People suffering from any heart condition or with a pacemaker are not advised to use the IQ massager.

It is not recommended for pregnant women to use IQ massager.

The pads can be applied anywhere except for the heart area and the brain. For maximum relaxation of your body, the massage pads must be applied to the common massage points of your body. You need to look for the pain points and then apply the massage pads at those points in order to remove your pain.

You can use the IQ massager from 20 minutes 60 minutes for 2 to 3 times a day in order to relieve all kinds of pain. You will not find any chemicals or drugs in an IQ massager so it is completely safe for use.

The purpose of designing an IQ massager is to relieve your pain and it is suitable for personal use. However, you need to keep one thing in your mind that this IQ massager cannot replace any health care professional. It is recommended to consult with your doctor first before using an IQ massager.

The reason behind long term chronic electrical stimulation is not known.

You should not apply IQ massager to the carotid sinus nerves especially in the patients who have known sensitivity to carotid sinus reflex.

An IQ massager should not be applied over the mouth or neck area because the laryngeal muscles having chronic spasms will be strong enough to block the airways or cause breathing difficulty.

The IQ Massager should also not be applied near the heart because this may cause cardiac arrhythmias.

You should not apply it to the trance-cerebrally.

It is not advised to apply the IQ massager over an infected, swollen or inflamed skin.

You should not apply an IQ massager near the cancerous lesions.

A pregnant woman cannot use IQ massager.

People with a heart condition or with the pacemaker are not advised to use an IQ massager.


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